willPower FOOT WORK


The wlllPower Method® fa grande attenzione a tutte le 5 dita dei piedi, incluso il QUINTO DITO. Durante il segmento Sole Training (sia auto-massaggio che sequenza in piedi) e (come in Phase II) durante tutti gli esercizi della lezione.

Diabetic Foot

Barefoot Objections: Diabetic Foot

Students and instructors express their concern regarding the diabetic foot. Read on to learn about this serious condition, and how to manage this concern in your willPower class.


Ankle Sprain Risk Test

Read about this simple test to predict your risk of an ankle sprain. Consider doing an “ankle screening” at your facility – and then following up to show increased ankle stability after 3 or 6 months of regular participation in willPower classes.

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 9.36.52 PM

IGNITE® Basics: Classroom Management

Like all willPower Method® programs, you manage the space so that you’re are working in an organized formation. In willPower IGNITE® this begins with the placement of your mat.

Ben Breathless

Get Breathless, Baby

wP&g® is typically taught as steady-state cardio- endurance. But changing to a cardio-interval workout is an interesting way to keep the workout fresh, and a smart way to challenge your advanced students.


Barre-Fusion®: Reap the Benefits

What makes Barre-Fusion® different from the rest? Feel good about this new program you are teaching ad EDUCATE your students about what sets us apart. Knowledge is Power!

REVERSE ROTATION | The willPower Method®

Aggiornamento manuale e DVD: Reverse Rotation

Nel nostro manuale di Phase I , non offriamo un livello 2 o una progressione di livello 3 per questo esercizio. Ora ne abbiamo uno per te da utilizzare nella tua prossima lezione.


Barre-Fusion®: Class Introduction

You never get a second chance to make a first impression! The intro to your Barre-Fusion® class is important to prepare your students. If you prepare their expectations, you can deliver 100%!