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HOT by June: themed playlists

These themed blocks are formatted with the HBJ floor-work series in mind, ending with bench dips. I’ve used all these blocks for the end of willPower IGNITE® class as well – they’re great!

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IGNITE®: Power Music!

From Power Music®: a music mix specifically timed for your willPower IGNITE® class!


Music: Barefoot Warm-Up Songs

This song-list is a compilation of Barefoot WarmUp songs – along with some excellent tips about how to open your class with a WOW-factor.

MUSIC | willPower Instructor Network

IGNITE®: Music

These are the songs used by SLK in the sample class video here in wIN, and are available in the iTunes USA store through the links provided.

UK music | willPower Method®


In the UK, To use music in your class you need to purchase a PPL license. It is possible to purchase PPL free music but there are limited choices and it can be hard to find, most music requires a level of cover.

MUSIC | willPower Instructor Network

Music: WarmUp Selections

This song-list is a compilation of full-body WarmUp songs created by our willPower Teacher Trainers.

water break | willPower Instructor Network copy

Water Breaks with Music Selections

Taking a water break as a group leads to a TEAM approach… and using music as your timer can help you maintain control of your group.

willPower Music | Cardio Legs

Education Music: Cardio Legs

Scarica gratuitamente la musica perfetta per il segmento Cardio Legs della tua lezione. Questa è la stessa musica che troverai sul tuo DVD Didattico.