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Flyer: willPower is for ALL-LEVELS

Now you can promote willPower to that special group that is sometimes “afraid” to step into your class, with this editable flyer. Also available in Spanish and Italian.

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Story’s Claps: The Musical

What a fun way to explore Story’s Claps! This video is of Teacher Trainer and Development Coach Brenda Pineyrua from Puerto Rico, as she taught at the 2012 willPower Summit in Denver, CO.

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Preparing for a Masterclass

The goal of a Masterclass is to spread the message that The willPower Method® belongs in every studio! You’ll provide an experience that makes every instructor in the room think: “I totally want to teach this!”

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I Level 2 Instructors indossano abbigliamento nero ed incoraggiano i loro allievi a fare lo stesso. Questo articolo offre alcuni spunti per gli istruttori Phase II e dà a tutti le risorse per un coaching d’effetto.


Social media memes

Promote yourself and your classes with these professional willPower memes! Downloads attached.

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WoW 2016 Calendar

The 2016 WoW Calendar will help you organize and prepare for your classes in advance – also plan for parties, fundraisers, and vacations!


Be a Better Instructor: Move With Integrity

It’s your job to help students integrate willPower (self-control) into their lives, but who helps you build YOUR willPower? Take some sound advice from an incredible role model: Level 3 instructor, international investment banker and national fitness competitor Sarah Ingmanson.



Sviluppa la tua prossima lezione così che le EMOZIONI possano giocare un ruolo più importante, enfatizzando il valore della ripetizione nella pratica. di certo, questo richiederà un pò di pratica da parte tua, ma più praticherai, più vitale e piena di ispirazione sarà la tua lezione per i tuoi allievi.


Fresh Energy Recipe Lab

Are you STALE? FRESHEN UP, sweetie! Think of it this way: energy in = energy out. (Even the refrigerator that keeps your veggies fresh requires energy, right?) In willPower, you don’t need to memorise new choreography – just put effort into updating and re-vitalizing your cues, format and playlist.

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Phase II willPower & grace® video

Kick off your shoes and pull up your computer – it’s time for YOU to take a willPower & grace® workout with one of our very BEST: Teacher Trainer Jennifer Gentry!



A ROCKSTAR workout is an AMAZING opportunity to bring LOTS of motivation to your standard class format. We’ll give you all the tools so that this event is minimum effort for you, maximum impact with your members!

Stacey Lei Krauss


Interview with SLK – About The willPower Method® In this episode of Stop Chasing Pain, learn about SLK, the history of…

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Flyer: Get MEN into your classes!

This 8.5″x11″ color flyer will allow you to market to the MEN in your facility – then the rest is up to you! Also available in Spanish and Italian.

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Perché Fase II?

We’ve developed the secret sauce in balancing “pre-programmed workouts” with “freestyle teaching”. We’ll guide you to create individually unique willPower experiences.



Promote your upcoming masterclass using these marketing tools. Downloadable flyer, social media memes and letter to Program Director attached.

Hot by June | The willPower Method

HOT by June: themed playlists

These themed blocks are formatted with the HBJ floor-work series in mind, ending with bench dips. I’ve used all these blocks for the end of willPower IGNITE® class as well – they’re great!