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Coach Squat with Rotation using WoW

In this video, instructor Raeanne Niemer, demonstrates an effective way to incorporate the Word of the Week into the Squat with Rotation exercise.



Sviluppa la tua prossima lezione così che le EMOZIONI possano giocare un ruolo più importante, enfatizzando il valore della ripetizione nella pratica. di certo, questo richiederà un pò di pratica da parte tua, ma più praticherai, più vitale e piena di ispirazione sarà la tua lezione per i tuoi allievi.


Fresh Energy Recipe Lab

Are you STALE? FRESHEN UP, sweetie! Think of it this way: energy in = energy out. (Even the refrigerator that keeps your veggies fresh requires energy, right?) In willPower, you don’t need to memorise new choreography – just put effort into updating and re-vitalizing your cues, format and playlist.

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Phase II willPower & grace® video

Kick off your shoes and pull up your computer – it’s time for YOU to take a willPower & grace® workout with one of our very BEST: Teacher Trainer Jennifer Gentry!


Peel Down/Peel Up

According to Joseph H. Pilates, we are only as young as our spine is flexible. So – in Peel Down/Peel Up, our focus is on our goal: slowly and precisely articulating the spine. In this Video Tip, Jen demonstrates colorful cueing by speaking to the chakras and awakening our energy centers.

that's grace | The willPower Method®

questo… è grace.

During wPg, you need to communicate the definition of grace to your students. This article compilation of smart cues from willPower instructors which will help you; to incorporate grace in an authentic way.


IGNITE® Basics: Terminology

Like with all willPower Method® programs, having a common willPower language is helpful when speaking with other instructors and students. Learn the basic IGNITE® terminology here.