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Have you noticed there are members of your facility who are “afraid” to try your class? Why not promote a “Welcome to willPower” special event?

You ideal situation would allow you 75 minutes to teach a 1-hour class as well as introduce our concepts:  the benefits of barefoot (bring a handout!), the value of repetition, and to discuss levels.

During this special class, teach ONLY Level 1 and Extreme Basic. Depending on your group – Extreme Basic might be your Level 1 and our typical Level 1 might be Level 2.  Your goal for the class is to make willPower more accessible to more people – so be sure to take the time to explain, coach and guide.

This special event is not meant to WOW the strong athletes of your club… instead it’s to show your beginners and special pops that you can adjust most of the exercises to suit their needs.

Be sure to explain that levels of adjustment might take a few weeks to refine – but thats the beauty in repetition… you will become their COACH as you work together to find solutions!

You’ll find an 8.5″ x 11″ full-color flyer attached to this post. It’s editable: just type in your day, time and instructor, then print. You’ll also find an ITALIAN and a SPANISH translated poster as well!

Our goal is to make it easy for you to spread the word… however we have one small request. Please be sure that the printing is of good quality – since you are representing a global brand.  If you have questions regarding this marketing piece, contact

willPower Education Team

willPower Education Team

willPower Teacher Trainers and Development Coaches guided by program creator, Stacey Lei Krauss. This Team develops tools to enhance your professional skills and fuel your motivation.

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