Market yourself

Market Yourself with The willPower Method®

  • Want to inspire your group with a new format?
  • Earn more $$ by offering a specialty class?
  • Appeal to a broader audience?

(Who doesn’t?)

Keep your existing groups interested & inspired as well as attract new students using The willPower Method® branded programs.

Consider these ideas for next season’s programming…

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willPower IGNITE®– Available to Level II instructors. High Intensity Interval Training is the current RAGE! Now you can offer your club/studio a NEW interval format based on smart progressive exercise. IGNITE® comes complete with exercises, class designs, music suggestions, video clips, promotional material and plenty of resources. Everything is accessible in wIN. Purchase IGNITE today and fire up your group next season!


Jennifer Gentry“Being at the willPower FIT STUDIO, I’ve been teaching willPower IGNITE for over a year. It’s been an exciting compliment to my teaching, as I’m coaching in a whole new way – and able to work with my students for 4 minutes on each exercise! The Holistic Intervals are REALLY smart, the workout is balanced, and the energy is still  positive – but very different than wPg. Plus, since the workout changes completely each quarter, it shakes things up for both me and my students… also creating a whole new set of cueing patters for wPg. The work we (all) do in IGNITE directly translates to more power in wP&g, and vice-versa –  both mentally and physically.” Jennifer Gentry


willPower for girl power® – Available to Level I instructors. Change the lives of young girls with this easy to teach fitness program aimed at girls ages 8-18. Designed as a 6 week session and suitable for community youth groups, girl scouts, as an after school program or even in your gym /studio. Teammates report earning more per session than typically earned in a Group X class. Plus, teaching girlpower provides an opportunity to meet Moms that may be interested in taking a wPg class.   Learn more about willPower for girlpower®

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SEVEN STEPS TO WILLPOWER® –available to Level I instructors. This 15 minute workout is perfect for athletes to use as a warm-up or a cool down, for active adults who are on the go and short on time, as an add- on to an existing wPg class, or as a fee-based specialty program. Consider pairing this with Sole Training® and offer on a Sunday morning. Or perhaps pair SEVEN STEPS with the Core exercises (shown in the Phase I manual) to make a great 30 minute workout. Learn more about SEVEN STEPS.



Sole Training®-foot fitness appeals to a broad audience; athletes, runners, active older adults. Everyone will benefit from, and enjoy a foot fitness regime. Teach seated sole training and/or standing footwork as a stand-alone program or as an addition to any wPg format. Attract curious members and promote the benefits of barefoot training. Before you know it they’ll be regulars in your wPg classes.  Learn more about Sole Training®

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The fact is… to be successful in the fitness arena  you have to market yourself. 

Use social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn.  These are POWERFUL, quick & easy  (not to mention FREE) ways to promote yourself and your offerings.

Be visible – network with other wPg teammates & fitness professionals in your community. Let everyone know what you offer and when. (Get yourself business cards!)

Be persistent – don’t give up.  if a program didn’t work the first time, don’t give up.  Not everything is an instant success.  Try a different time/day or venue.

Have a plan – you need to know what you want to accomplish.  Set your goal, write it down. Often facilities plan their schedules well in advance.  Learn these dates and plan accordingly.

Know your stuff! If you know your material, it comes through with every word you say.  You don’t have to tell others how knowledgeable you are. It will be obvious. (confidence)

And finally…use your willPower Method resources- ALL OF THEM!  Manuals, training DVD, and of course, wIN.  These tools will help you achieve your goals.

willPower Education Team

willPower Education Team

willPower Teacher Trainers and Development Coaches guided by program creator, Stacey Lei Krauss. This Team develops tools to enhance your professional skills and fuel your motivation.


  1. Casey Dawson
    Friday, August 8th, 2014 at 2:06 pm ·

    I can’t wait to get Ignite!

  2. Jennifer Kotalik
    Monday, August 4th, 2014 at 12:50 pm ·

    All great formats, I will be adding IGNITE here in Flagstaff this fall and can’t wait! Thanks Cindy Jennifer Kotalik

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