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Is BLACK (really) BETTER?

Why BLACK…and does it really make any difference?
My Wednesday night class is my favorite class of the week – so I chose these students to be my control group. I asked them, for one week only, to swap their willPower black for something different; bright and bold – and maybe even pattern.

I simply wanted to see: does wearing black to class really make any difference and if so…how?

aspen group may 2014


I have to admit I was a little nervous. What if they liked the colors? Would it be tough to get them back to black? What if all my talk about “the benefits of black” suddenly fell to shambles?

The Big Night arrived and my students walked in, laughing a bit. For a moment, I thought I had made a wrong turn and walked into the Zumba class! (They looked like confetti!)
I stood for a moment and scanned the twenty something members as I typically do before the beginning of class.

aspen color june 3


The impact was immediate. It was almost like looking into a bright light. A hesitant, uneasy feeling came over me.

I thought…Who are these people and what happened to my team?

My eyes were all over the map. Not really able to focus on anything or anyone. I realized immediately that even if black doesn’t make a difference to the students, it certainly makes a difference for the instructor.

To be honest, I had trouble focusing for much of the class, as my eyes were darting from florescent yellow to a full-azure outfit.

After the workout I asked my group: did you feel any different tonight?

One member said she felt the class was “less serious”, another said she “felt sloppy”.
A few more commented by saying:
“The colors took away the “team” feel”
“I didn’t work with the same effort”
“It was harder to see myself in the mirror”
“We were out of sync”

From my perspective the group lacked precision & exercises were demonstrated with lack-luster effort. They seemed to be missing their mojo.

Afterwards it was unanimous… BLACK is BETTER!

Aspen FS Sept


Would you appreciate some help in getting your students to wear black to class? Download and print a few copies of “Why Black” a handout created specifically for class students!

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willPower Education Team

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  1. Kristen Lowell
    Sunday, June 15th, 2014 at 12:18 pm ·

    Hi Cindy,
    Thanks for posting the insights from your experiment.

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