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Yes, willPower & grace® may appear to be simply and “aerobics class” – but it’s actually a tremendous training tool for sports and recreational athletes.  This workout not only trains the body from the ground up, it also encourages smart movement in three planes of motion, equipment-free. willPower also gives athletes the flexibility work they NEED in a dynamic format that they will enjoy.

This 8.5″x11″ color, editable flyer markets to the athletes in your facility. Type in your class days, times, location and instructors and print. Also available in Spanish and Italian.

willPower Education Team

willPower Education Team

willPower Teacher Trainers and Development Coaches guided by program creator, Stacey Lei Krauss. This Team develops tools to enhance your professional skills and fuel your motivation.

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  1. Casey Dawson
    Friday, January 16th, 2015 at 6:26 am ·

    This is GREAT. Thanks!

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