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3 Tips for Promoting Your Class

We all love the feeling that comes with the New Year:  a fresh start, and a chance to re-align with what matters most in life.  That’s why we see so many new faces in the gyms this time of year.  People have an extra burst of motivation to get their bodies moving!  It’s the perfect time to introduce willPower & grace® to new and returning members.

But people can’t show up if they don’t know about it, right?  So let’s talk about promotion.

1. Promotion is all about sharing the love.

If the idea of “self-promotion” makes you feel icky, just remember that this is not about you.  It’s about helping others live healthier lives.  As a willPower & grace® instructor you offer guidance, support, and encouragement.  Share what you love about this program.  Invite others to join, and help them feel welcome.  You might be the change they’re looking for.  It’s your job to get the word out!

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2. Ask for feedback from current students.

willPower & grace® is more than just a workout, but someone who has never taken your class might not know that yet.  What’s the best way to understand what makes willPower & grace® so amazing?  Ask your current students.

Your students are busy, and there are a lot other ways they could choose to exercise.  What motivates them to keep coming back?  Even if you think you know, take time to ask them.  You might be surprised by what they say.

Here are a couple questions you can ask:

There are a lot of ways to workout. I’m curious to know why you choose to come to this class?

What is it about willPower & grace® that really does it for you?  Why do you come back?

Find out the deep reason they come to class — beyond burning calories and getting in shape.  You’ll get a fresh perspective on the value you bring as an instructor.  And you’ll gain insights that will help you connect with new students who might be looking for the same thing!

Here’s what one of my students had to say:

I took your class for almost a year, and often that was the only time I felt myself, and gained a sense of inner balance for the upcoming week.

Every person in your class is there for a reason.  Find out what it is.

3.  Invite students to share the love.

Let your current students be your advocates, by sharing what they love about your class with others!  Let your suggestion be natural, and sincere.  For instance, tell your students that you’d love to grow the willPower & grace® community, and that they can help by bringing a friend to class.  Or ask them to share something they loved about class on facebook or yelp.

You might say something like:

Thank you for joining me for another sweaty, inspiring willPower & grace® class!  I want to grow our community, and could use some help. If you find our club on Yelp and post a review of this class, it would help a ton in getting the word out!

Your club will also love the positive testimonial, and you can then share the link and review on Facebook.

How do you share the love and promote willPower & grace® in your community?  Leave a comment below and let us know!

PS:  Each month I’ll be sharing more tips and insights about teaching and living willPower & grace®  If there’s a topic you’d like me to cover, leave a comment or shoot me an email at hello@kimnicol.com  You can also friend or follow me on facebook.



Kim Nicol teaches willPower & grace® in San Francisco, and has trained new instructors for The willPower Method® in the US and Sweden. As a meditation, mindfulness, and InnerYoga instructor, she works with top-performers who want to feel vibrantly alive, deeply connected, and fully present in life.

willPower Education Team

willPower Education Team

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