The willPower Method® is a mix of strong, mindful exercise, positive, inspired emotion and a flood of endorphins. Like a superfood, a small dose goes a long way; it’s got the power to strengthen, invigorate and protect.

Condition your BODY

The willPower Method® combines alignment-based movements from Pilates® and yoga with strong, athletic calisthenics and dance principals; yielding safe, efficient workouts for students of all levels. We are the full-body, barefoot conditioning program that athletes need, and the calorie-burning cardiovascular solution that mind-body practitioners have been searching for.

Teaching students to exercise barefoot is our specialty, and we’ve been doing it for over 15 years. Since your feet are your base of support, we think you deserve to be strong from the ground up. The willPower Method® literally trains from head to toe; and we train with integrity.

focus your MIND

The willPower Method® team knows that successful exercise is more than “faster” or “stronger”. We’ll show you how to train smarter, not harder, so you’ll progress safely – in a way that FEELS good. Our functional exercise sequences are repetitive; so you can skip learning new choreography, and focus on what really matters. You’ll tap into your most primal senses to unify your mind and your body – and once united, your movement patterns will elevate to a whole new level. Our mindful exercise yields safe joints, a healthy spine, superior balance and a powerful core.

willPower Method moveselevate your SPIRIT

The willPower Method® workouts are taught with positive, uplifting cues and philosophy. Our instructors help you find solutions (rather than correcting your mistakes). We teach you to harness your willPower; your self-control, your inner drive and intention. Soon, you’ll be in the habit of positive self-talk, solution-seeking and goal-setting.

The willPower Method® is an equipment-free group exercise discipline created by International Fitness Presenter and Foot Fitness Expert, Stacey Lei Krauss. It earned 4 stars from Health Magazine and holds an esteemed ECA OBOW Award. The class is now taught by skilled,  inspirational fitness professionals  around the world. willPower Method® workouts can be found across the USA and United Kingdom, as well as in Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Italy and Turkey.