wIN: willPower Instructor Network

Once a willPower Intern completes the Evaluation process, you will become a Licensed Instructor. This license is held in the form of an active membership to the willPower Instructor Network (wIN), which is maintained at  $9.99/ month or $119 annually.

wIN provides the resources to help our instructors be creative, and completely individualistic – within the parameters of our methodology.  Though wIN  teaching tools, we help our instructors learn that within each exercise there are hundreds of microadjustments, and unlimited approaches. wIN is the instructor’s painting palate for education and creativity. This on-line, members-only portal provides a wealth of resources.

valuable resources

  • Your name listed on international The willPower Method® Licensed Instructor page, so that students and recruiting facilities can find you and your classes
  • 20% off all willPower store products
  • Pro-Deals: discounts with our affiliate brands
  • Marketing materials to use at your facility to promote your class
  • Social media images and posts to promote yourself
  • Class designs
  • Music playlists
  • Accessibility to Phase II training
  • Phase II Seasonal Challenges
  • The willPower for girlPower® program
  • The willPower IGNITE® program
  • The willPower Barre-Fusion® program
  • Continuing Education related to Foot Fitness and more…
  • Motivation and inspiration to help you be the best instructor you can be

The wIN is in constant growth, and will help the instructor teach The willPower Method® for a lifetime.

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Trademark Policy & Instructor License

The willPower Method® and all willPower programs and movement sequences are protected by trademark law. The willPower Method® grants ONLY licensed instructors permission to use the willPower class names (including willPower & grace®). You carry your license to teach this program through your continued membership to wIN.
If you discontinue wIN for any length of time, you will forfeit your position as a willPower Method® instructor, along with the use of the trademarked names and movement sequences.  You will also be removed from our website listing. If you continue to teach (using our name and/ or movement sequences) without being licensed,  you will be in violation of trademark law.
If you wish to reactivate your license, you will be required to submit an evaluation to and renew your wIN membership. The fee for associated reactivation is $199 (this fee includes your evaluation).  Re-activation requires approval from the Development team.
willPower Productions actively monitors trademark infringement in order to maintain quality control and the highest industry standards.
Please contact us directly with questions regarding our policies.