What happens when a newbie experiences willPower & grace®? Read below, as Saralyn Ward describes her first willPower Method® experience.

Our favorite line and description of willPower was that our instructors are “the rebels of the group fitness world” wearing their black. Yes, everything we do in willPower has a purpose behind it…even the black. Find a Phase II Instructor and he/she can tell you why.

Last week, I had the honor of attending the Rock Star Workout at the willPower Summit. I’m not gonna lie – I was a little scared. I had never taken a willPower class, and yet here I was, getting my work out on with willPower instructors from around the world. And then, when the class started out with a 4 minute plank, I knew I was in trouble. In fact, at first I thought they were joking. Then I looked around. No one was laughing. At that point, 30 seconds had already gone by, and I had no choice – I was in it to win it. And that was just the warm-up.

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