Barefoot running may be over, but here’s why barefoot training is still smart

A few years back, barefoot running was red-hot. Thanks to the book “Born to Run,” soon to be a movie starring Matthew McConaughey, thousands of runners cast their shoes aside in the hope that the natural motion of the soft, perfectly balanced landing on the bare forefoot would make their debilitating foot, knee and hip injuries disappear, as it did for author Christopher McDougall.


Creating the Ultimate Group Ex Experience

A GX instructor makes the job look easy – but is charged with the task of wearing nearly a half-dozen hats; an entertainer, a coach, a role model, physical therapist, a DJ. willPower Method® instructors also learn to create a en emotional experience that touches our students on a deeply emotional level.


10 Minutes and You’re Done

Want a total body routine that’s effective to its core? Try planks! Each variation shifts your center of gravity and forces…


Go Bare

Work out barefoot, and recover the range of motion and stability that feet originally have, says the barefoot movement. By…

Neighborhood Life

Neighborhood Life Openings

How fit are your feet? That’s the question the new workout space at 2110 Market thinks it can ask and answer for you. The name of the space is willPower FIT STUDIO.


Say Shoo to Trainers!

Ed Bolla looks at the idea of kicking off our shoes in order to improve the condition of our feet – and also the rest of our body


Stacey Lei Krauss Profile

Originaria de Nueva York, Stacey Lei Krauss tiene 10 años de adiestramiento en danza y más de 20 años en la industria relacionada con el campo del acondicionamiento físico.


Workout gets people off on the right (bare) foot

Thirteen years ago, Krauss, a longtime fitness instructor in New York City, forgot her workout shoes when she arrived to instruct a class. She taught it barefoot and realized there was a need to have a barefoot workout, for those who want more flexibility and fitness without shoes.


willPower & grace® Pies fuertes para un cuerpo aún más fuert

El método willPower & grace® es un programa de ejercicio en grupo creado en 1999 en la ciudad de Nueva York por Stacey Lei Krauss. El programa recibió la clasificación de 4 estrellas por Health Magazine y fue recipiente del gran Premio OBOW (One Body One World) de la East Coast Alliance.

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It’s a New Year. Try Something New.

Does an eclectic infusion of cardio, strength, flexibility, and core exercise target your goals? Then, leave your sneaks at the door and enjoy a willPower & grace class! Done in the modern spirit, this is a barefoot workout. Instructor Steffanie Park shares how this dynamic class can have life-changing effects.