You have a few options. Try the Class Locator on this site to find an instructor / facility close to you.  If there are no classes nearby, you can order one of our DVDs.

The willPower Method® has been a barefoot fitness program for over a decade. We believe that strengthening and stretching your feet is just as critical as strengthening your core and stretching your hamstrings. Typically people view feet as an area that needs to be supported and cushioned, but evidence based research reveals that foot joint flexibility, foot intrinsic and extrinsic endurance and coordination are all important components when training for posture, performance, balance - and overall functional movement.  We know HOW to train your feet, safely and effectively.

We encourage good hygiene, and will guide you to smart foot products, which will help you keep your feet clean and looking good. Training barefoot is important to us, because your skin is your largest organ, and the skin on your feet actually feeds your central nervous system important information. If you have an open sore or blisters on your feet, then we recommend a natural foot fitness shoe: Vibram FiveFingers®.

In 2010, The willPower Method® celebrated its 10-year anniversary. It’s developed fully over these years, and is still challenging to describe in words; it must be experienced to be understood. It’s a barefoot, cardiovascular, total body workout. It will be a challenge for students of all levels, but will leave you feeling invigorated, motivated and inspired. It’s a hot, sweaty cardiovascular workout, and you will find elements of Yoga, Pilates, and old-school calisthenics. It’s for men and women, athletes and special populations. Best of all, the choreography will be 90% the SAME – anywhere you go… so you know what to expect – and repetition produces results. Your body will change… for the better!

Your pregnancy is not the smartest time to BEGIN an exercise routine. If you are just beginning to exercise, we suggest a more gentle workout. However, if you have been exercising and are fit, then both willPower & grace® and willPower Barre-Fusion® are   EXCELLENT workouts for you. Every willPower class is multi-level, allowing everyone in the classroom to work at their own pace. We have plenty of pre-natal modifications to keep you and your baby safe. Be sure to tell your instructor as soon as you find out the good news1