Before videotaping, be sure to read all the wIN posts about Evaluations, so that you have all the information you need to be successful. Most importantly, carefully review the scoring criteria, so that you know exactly what we are looking for!

Once you have purchased your evaluation be certain that you read all the information in wIN regarding evaluations. Most importantly, be sure to study the Scoring Criteria before you videotape.

The Instructor Evaluation is a non-refundable purchase.

You may request that your Evaluation be expedited.  If you are requesting a review and consultation within 2 weeks of receipt of your video, contact your Development Coach for approval. A $45 rush fee will be assessed; which we will invoice you for.

If you are not able to videotape your class within the allotted 90-day internship period,
You may be granted a 45 day Extension on your evaluation date.

There is a $45 fee assessed for an extension, and upon approval from your Development Coach, we will invoice you for this fee.

Please note: The extension starts the day after your 90 day Intern status expires.

For example: If your 90 day Intern status expires on April 1st, your Extenstion will be valid from April 2nd to May 16th (45 days). This means, even if you contact us or purchase your Extension on April 15th, your extension will still expire on May 16th. The Extension expiration date starts 45 days from your 90 day Intern expiration, not from the time of purchase. This may require you to purchase more than one Extension, depending on the time you need.

If you need an extension - contact your Development Coach directly - sooner than later.