Both willPower Barre-Fusion® and willPower IGNITE® education programs are available on-line. They are home study courses which are available to all Licensed Phase II instructors.

For a one-time purchase fee, you will have access to all the education, videos, playlists and marketing pieces.  You will also automatically receive updates and upgrades when they are made to the program.

This education is available in the Phase II access of wIN.

To begin with, there is no licensing fee. This means, a facility does not need to pay a fee to have our program on the schedule. If you want to bring the workout to your club – you have a few options. You can seek out a local instructor to come to your club to teach. You can go to a local training, practice the choreography, and launch with the help of your group exercise manager… or your facility can host a training.

There are no pre-prerequisites for the workshop. We’ve trained many students who simply take the workshop, just to learn more about The willPower Method® - without intending to teach.

For those people who intend to teach, we simply remind you that there is no guarantee of getting hired. Most facilities require a national certification (such as ACSM, ACE, AFAA). If you audition for a studio or facility, and know your material well, studios often take a chance with rookies, and you may begin your path as a fitness instructor. Because we provide you with a templated workout and cueing, if you follow our manual and DVD closely, you may develop into an exceptional willPower & grace® instructor!

If you score well on your evaluation, we will be happy to offer you a recommendation for hire. As you work through the ranks of the willPower organization, we will guide you and suggest various educational courses and national certifications so that you can teach fitness with integrity and in the most professional manner.


The Phase I training gives aspiring willPower instructors all the basic tools to teach a foundational willPower & grace® workout at a hosting facility. This is a CEC accredited 8-hour workshop in which participants learn the fundamentals; program history, barefoot fitness basics, choreography and philosophy of the willPower & grace® program. Participants will receive a manual and DVD.

You can begin teaching classes to paying facility members once you have become an Official Instructor.

You will receive CECs and a Certificate of Attendance at the workshop, and you will be a willPower Intern until you pass your evaluation, and progressed from an Intern to an Instructor.

You have a 90-day Intern period, which allows you plenty of  time to practice the choreography before you teach a “real” class. During this time, our “No Member Testing Policy” means that as an Intern, you should teach only to family, friends and clients who are not paying you. This is your time to practice and refine your skills.

Once you pass your evaluation with a 70% or higher, please begin teaching! Spread the word and start making money, honey!

As an Official Instructor, in order to teach the program and use the trademark, you must be a member of our willPower instructor Network: wIN.

An Evaluation is a required part of the instructor development process.

Once you've completed the Phase I training, you will have 3 months to complete the evaluation process.  Once you've practiced teaching approximately 15 classes, you will videotape your class, and upload this workout video to the willPower server.

We'll give you a full written evaluation in over 50 areas, and then you'll engage in a Skype consultation with a willPower Development Coach. With a passing score of 70%, you'll be awarded Instructor status, have access to our instructor network, and continue to grow with our team. An evaluation is required for both Phase I and Phase II of the program. The price for each Evaluations is $75, and it just may be one of the most valuable professional tools you'll ever invest in.

"As a teacher going through the evaluation process:  it was spot-on feedback, done in a professional, kind, and positive manner. The willPower Method® provided me with a valuable tool in becoming a better student and as a result, a better teacher." Shela L., Flagstaff AZ


Phase II is not a requirement, however, it is highly encouraged for willPower Instructors who wish to continue to grow their skills. Phase II moves beyond choreography, and will lead you into The willPower Methodology;  in-depth insight to foot fitness, which is truly what sets our program apart from any other. We've been teaching people to exercise barefoot for over a decade, and we want YOU to be an expert, as well!

The most exciting part of Phase II training is that it helps you find your individual style of teaching within the choreography.  We’ll guide you to create an individually unique willPower experience. We have found the secret sauce in balancing “pre-programmed workouts” with “freestyle teaching”.

Phase II also covers exercise progression, which is based in Sensory Integration methods. You will also learn how to encorporate willPower philosophy in a way that feels authentic.

Our job is to keep you inspired and interested, which is why Phase II is highly encouraged within 6-8 months of teaching the program at your facility. Due to the repetitive nature of the choreography, it's important that we fill you with new inspiration and education before you begin to "plateau". We want you to reap the benefits of your time and energy investment.  Some of our strongest instructors have been teaching our program for over a decade - we want to teach you how to be this successful.

As an Intern, you will download the willPower Education music after your Phase I Training at no charge.

We also have had a partnership with Power Music and have co-produced CDs and music downloads that are PERFECT for willPower. We suggest that new instructors use them - but it's not required or included in the cost of your training. Traditionally, we have created itunes playlists and created mixes which we share as a team - where you can create your own playlists.

We will provide you with all the guidelines you need to help you put together great playlists on your own - if this is how you prefer to work.

For Phase I, the workout is pre-choreographed. The 2-hour Education DVD includes a 1-hour class that interns must follow in order to pass their evaluation.

In Phase 2,  we’ll guide you to create an individually unique willPower experience. We have found the secret sauce in balancing “pre-programmed workouts” with “freestyle teaching”. Each level of training provides a greater understanding of willPower philosophy and Foot Fitness methods.

Our job is to keep you inspired and interested, which is why Phase II  is highly encouraged. There is so much flexibility in the existing routine, it would be a shame if an instructor "gets stale"!

Full refunds (100%) will be given up to 3 weeks (21 days) of the workshop. If you need to cancel your registration within 3 weeks of the training, you will be refunded 50% of your payment (minus a $10 admin and transaction fee). The remaining 50% can be used toward any training you choose within 1 year of the original training date. Please note: Training credit can only be used towards another training.  It may not be applied to store merchandise, wIN, etc.

Complimentary wIN access will be cancelled once your refund is applied. Education material (manual, DVD) will not be shipped if you have cancelled your workshop registration.

The willPower Summit is non-refundable; however, can be transfered to another instructor.

If you need to cancel your Instructor Training enrollment one month (or more) from the training date, you will receive a full refund minus a $25 administrative fee.  If you cancel within 1 month of training up to the training day, you will receive a 50% refund of your total payment. (Your balance may be applied to another willPower & grace® training within 1 year of cancellation).

Please e-mail to start the cancellation process.

Please also note: any refund given is subject to a 3% credit card transaction fee as well as any restocking fee.

There is no a club licensing fee! As long as you are an Official Instructor and carry your own license (wIN), you can teach the program at any location, and the facility is not required to pay a fee.

There are no club licensing fees for our programming, instead YOU maintain your personal license. It's only $9.99/month. We want you to make PLENTY of money teaching willPower - so you can teach anywhere you'd like!

Rec Centers, YMCA and Community Centers are all great. Small studios (yoga and Pilates) LOVE The willPower Method®, since it's so unique and they don't have to pay for a license. Of course, you can apply to your local large gym facilities too! Why not teach semi-private sessions to groups of friend? Be creative - you can teach anywhere want to!

Yes. A wIN membership is your license to use the willPower trademark and sequences. It allows you to teach the program at any facility you'd like, and they don't need to pay for royalties or licensing.

A wIN membership is $9.99 per month. You'll receive a complimentary 90 day Intern period (after your Phase I Training).

In wIN, you will have access to free music downloads, marketing material, education, 20% discounts on store items as well as resources to keep your classes fresh and motivating. You'll also have access to our specialty programs: willPower for girlPower®, willPower IGNITE® and willPower Barre-Fusion®.

If you were a member of our team, of course, we want you to return to us! These our our standard guidelines for returning.

If you discontinue wIN for any length of time, you will forfeit your position as a willPower Method® instructor, along with the use of the trademarked names and movement sequences, and you will be removed from our website listing.

If you wish to reinstate your license, you will be required to submit a successful evaluation to reactivate your wIN membership. The fee for associated reactivation is $199 (including the evaluation), and is subject to approval of the Development team.

If you want to get reintegrated with our program, we need to asses how long you've been gone, and how to get you up to date. Please contact us, and let us know your situation - let's see how we can help bring you back.