We welcome contributors who are aligned with the willPower philosophy. 

We’re seeking contributors to write short, original posts on a regular basis (1/month) to be shared with the world!

Are you a willPower instructor with interesting transitions, philosophy, class designs? We’d LOVE to promote you with either a video or written post! Establish yourself as a leader our global network, and gain more followers!

Read our general blog guidelines below, and then contact us.

willPower Method goal:

Our philosophy is “MOVE WITH INTEGRITY” – in all that you eat, speak, and practice. Our blog site has been created to help readers bring more willPower (self-control) into their lives through positive philosophy, clean, healthy eating and smart fitness. Each blog post should be written with these goals in mind.  When developing your new topic, ask yourself:  “How will this help a reader cultivate more willPower in their life?” Be sure to make this point clear during your post. We would love you to embed the terms willpower, and/or self-control.

We’re looking for:

  • Word count: Between 300-600 words.
  • Tone: Accessible and positive. Topics may be controversial but we will only post if it serves the greater good.

We offer solutions (rather than highlighting problems)

  • Please do not highlight problems or tell readers what they “Should Never”.  Please speak from a solution-based perspective.
  • Original Content: We do not accept posts which have been published exactly the same elsewhere. Please modify your content so that it is at least 30% original to us, and do not send us content that you plan to distribute to other online sources within 2 months.
  • Acceptance: We do not compensate contributors for posts, but we’ll include your bio (<60 words) with links to your website, and social accounts. The willPower Method® is a great resource to promote what you’re doing and we are all about teamwork.

Blog and wIN Guidelines & Tips:

  • The willPower Method®: be mindful of our logo exactly as is, please.
  • Lists with tips are great: e.g., “5 Tips for a Better Workout”
  • Please edit your work thoroughly prior to submitting!
  • Once we receive your post, we generally respond within 7 days.
  • Your post should fall under one category:
    • Fitness: preferably about a barefoot, equipment free and/or functional methods
    • Nutrition: we are cruelty free, gluten-light, sugar free, plant-based goodness
    • Philosophy overall positive living / thinking, goal setting
  • Once your posts go live, please share socially on all of your channels.
  • If you “borrow” an idea from another source, you MUST reference it by linking to the source.  We are not interested in advertising for / selling other products, but are interested in “educational partnerships” and welcome productive, healthy links which provide tools, guides and resources for our readers.

ready to submit?

  • Word Doc: full post with a working title.
  • Photos: A landscape / horizontal photo for the main image; embedded photos can be portrait (vertical) or landscape. Send 2-3 photos to choose from.  (Send as separate files, not pasted within a doc). Only use original photos, or purchase the rights to stock photo.
  • Your bio (< than 60 words) with links to your social channels. No fluff please. Just give us your credentials to tell the world what a bad *ss you really are!
  • Your bio photo


if we accept you as a contributor:

  • You may have access to a backend site if we decide that you will be a regular contributor
  • We will promote you and your posts through our social media network
  • We are open to discussions on collaborative work