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You workout because there is something that you would like to change.  It might be your mood — knowing that a good sweat will lift your spirits and lighten the burdens and cares of the day.  Or it might be your body — raising your heart-rate, testing your strength, becoming bigger in some ways and smaller in others.

Over the years of taking and teaching willPower & grace® I’ve noticed a few things about where transformation happens.

1. In your mind.

It’s amazing what happens when you change your mind, or shift your perspective.  Do you meet a challenge with curiosity and confidence, or an attitude of self-defeat?  Does your internal self-talk sound like a good friend, encouraging and kind?  Or is it a harsh critic, tearing you down and saying that you’ll never be good enough?  In willPower & grace® we train the mind as well as the body.  When the muscles fatigue and the heart is pounding, we engage our willPower and ask:  “What if I had to?”  We build focus, balance, and resilience at a subtle level in every class.

2. In the moment.

It may seem like it takes a long time for change to come, but the truth is that it happens in the present moment.  Every moment counts.  Every breath, every step, every choice.  The cumulative effect adds up of course, but transformation doesn’t happen “someday.”  It happens now.

3. At the edge of your comfort zone.

Whether you’re changing your mind or your body, transformation happens just at that edge of discomfort.  Trying on a new idea — changing your internal self-talk, or upgrading a belief — can feel strange and uncomfortable.  Traveling to a new place, where the language, food, and culture is unfamiliar will challenge and transform you.  This is true whether you’re visiting a new country, a new school, or your new in-laws.  In the studio, listen to your body and discern the difference between a healthy discomfort and pain.  Ignoring pain can lead to injury.  But being aware of and allowing a gentle discomfort can be the sign that you’re at your healthy edge.  It’s up to you to tell the difference.

Do you have a story about how willPower & grace® has transformed your mind, body, or life? We’d love to hear about it!  Share your story in the comments below, or on our Facebook page.



Kim Nicol

Hi! willPower & grace® changed my life. I'm the creator of 5 mindful minutes, a program that helps people start a daily meditation practice. I used to be a lawyer and corporate exec, and am now a popular Silicon Valley meditation teacher. I teach willPower & grace® in San Francisco.

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