Jump - commitment

If the word “commitment” gives you chills and you start looking for an escape route, you’re not alone.  I know this because even the smallest opportunities to commit to something can stop me in my tracks.  I’m afraid of making the wrong choice, and then being trapped.

If you could see me trying to buy toothpaste, you’d see me stand in front of the crowded shelves uncertain of what to choose.  Toothpaste.  Not the biggest commitment in the world, right?  But this is the toothpaste I’ll use every day. . . Every day!  Am I committing to the right one?

Over 6 years ago, I walked into the group x studio to take my first ever willPower & grace® class. I was nervous.  What if I didn’t like it?  What if it was too hard?  Would I look stupid if everyone was better than me?  Group fitness was very intimidating to me.  It was a big deal to commit to taking a class.  I was more comfortable reading magazines or watching TV on the elliptical.

While it’s easy to write off this attitude as simply “fear of commitment”, what I’ve learned is that the other side of this fear is a desire for freedom.  And what I’m learning every day is that by practicing commitment, I experience a kind of freedom that only comes by jumping in with both feet.

And something amazing happened when I committed to that first willPower & grace® class.  Yes, I felt sweaty and got a good workout.  But more than that, I felt really alive.  I felt encouraged, I felt like part of a community, and felt excited to come back again.  And the lessons I learned in class about being light on my feet, about taking risks, about committing to myself and taking just one step at a time. . . those gave me more freedom in my life.

Being stuck on the fence, in a limbo of hesitation, is the opposite of freedom.  Making the choice, committing over and over again, is a better way to live.

I never would have imagined that taking one class would lead me down a path of becoming a willPower & grace® instructor.  Making a small commitment can open doors you never thought existed.

So how do you practice commitment?

Start small — one step at a time — and do a little bit every day.

What kind of toothpaste will you buy?  Choose one.  Commit to finding out if you like this new kind.

Should I try that new class?  Commit to finding out if you like the teacher.

What if it doesn’t work out?  Commit to being resourceful and honest, and take another step.

There is a freedom that only comes with commitment.

Jump in with both feet!

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