Last weekend I was on a fitness training course, where you tend to move a lot, so have to eat little and often, especially if like me you can’t refuel quickly on sugary foods or drinks. I wanted to to create a different protein muffin/ cupcake for the training so I played in the kitchen and created these. They have been my saviour, as mainly protein with, good fat and some carbohydrate so kept me fueled.

The word of the week when I created this was Hope. I’ll be honest I threw together a bunch of different ingredients and hoped that it would work. I kind of knew in my heart that it would be a good combination but just wasn’t sure about the quantities. Well the hope worked out pretty well hence I’m sharing it with you now. :) It just shows sometimes all you need worry about is the outcome and not how you get there. If it hadn’t of worked I would have learnt from it so the next batch would have been awesome!

This recipe makes approximately 18 cakes so you’ll have a freezer stock.

Orange, Cinnamon , Walnut & Goji berry Cupcakes


• 100g mixed seeds or omega mix (ground, Spice grinder or a pestle & mortar would do)image
• 225g dairy free spread
• 50g shelled walnuts (chopped into small pieces)
• 125g gluten free self raising flour
• 100g chestnut flour
• 100g xylitol
• 5 eggs
• 1tsp orange essence
• 1 tsp gluten free baking powder
• 50g goji berries
• 2 tbsp coconut oil
• 1 tbsp cinnamon

Mix the xylitol, coconut oil & dairy free spread in a food processor until smooth.
Add eggs and mix again.

Then add the seeds, walnuts and orange essence. Mix well again

Blend the flours, cinnamon, baking powder together and gradually add to the wet mixture until you get a fairly thick cake mix.

Finally add the goji berries and mix until the berries are evenly distributed.

Spoon into cup cake cases and bake in a pre heated oven at 175 degrees for approximately 30 minutes or until baked.

To make slightly more lavish I topped with butter cream which I make with dairy free spread, ground up xylitol. I generally work on a ratio of 2 tbsp dairy free spread to 1 tbsp xylitol and sometimes add 1 tsp of vanilla essence.

I HOPE you enjoy these!

Alison Beadle

Alison Beadle

Alison Beadle, UK, has been a fitness pro for over a decade, in various disciplines, as a Certified Level 3 Personal Trainer. She specializes in pre/post natal fitness, and is also a Reiki 2 Practitioner, and as a willPower Method® Phase 2 instructor, she now follows her feet! Most recently her passion has been gluten, dairy, wheat and sugar free cooking, which led her to write her first book, Sugar Free Me; at www.sugarfreeme.org