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How many times a week…a day…do you use search? Don’t make me admit…it’s almost embarrassing. And, I mean all the way from the life-saving, helpful, and practical…to the purely entertaining. The other night, I remember distinctly I was Google-ing, “More cowbell” and “Charles Barkley teleprompter“. (Click through. Guaranteed mood-enhancement.) More often, though, I’m looking for solutions to problems…however big or small.

But, that can be the problem itself.  We get in the habit of searching outside of ourselves even on the occasions when the solutions can only be discovered within.

Or, we keep some things away simply because we don’t believe we’ll ever find them. We think it will be a long difficult search for the “diamond in the rough”. The real issue, though, is we feel we are simply not worthy of something so precious.

961395_10203371953886769_858667831_nWe do not always search intelligently either. Sometimes, we expand our search too far…other times, not far enough. And, when the search criteria is not refined, neither will be the search output. Garbage in, garbage out. Unless you are my daughter, you would probably prefer to avoid sifting through the “garbage” and, instead, receive something custom-tailored to your desires.

A search engine is a man-made invention replicating a human function. Our innate guidance is divine. But, like any engine, our internal search engine requires the periodic tune-up.

The human brain is fascinating; we will forget a scent until we smell it again, we will erase a voice from our memory until we hear it again, and even emotions that seemed buried forever will be awakened when we return to the same place.” ~Paulo Coelho

We have instincts that will lead us to where we need to go and to the parts of us that require attention or healing. We may need to shift our focus to view the whole picture. Or unearth buried emotions and let them go.

  1. SEARCH the inner dialogue. Actively replace judgmental or critical thoughts (of self or others) with compassionate or at least curious ones. Something that really charges you up…stop and take a step back with the words, “Hmm, that’s interesting.” Act as if you are watching the movie, not starring in it. Notice how the charge dissipates when you’re no longer connected to it so directly or emotionally.
  2. SEARCH for what you want vs. what you think you need.

    Going after a dream has a price. It may mean abandoning our habits, it may make us go through hardships, or it may lead us to disappointment, et cetera. But however costly it may be, it is never as high as the price people paid by people who didn’t live. Because one day they will look back and hear their own heart say, ‘I wasted life’.” ~Paulo Coelho

  3. SEARCH for the right words to express yourself. Words have long-lasting power. Think back. I bet you can remember something poignant that someone said to you as a child…that had long-lasting benefit (or detriment).
  4. SEARCH yourself…with curiosity to know, uncover, and create peace. Meditate. See what surfaces. There is a reason we are called human beings, and not human doings.
  5. SEARCH for the purpose…the point…the lesson. Don’t hold yourself to perfection. Hold yourself to evolving.

    Every experience, no matter how bad it seems, holds within it a blessing of some kind. The goal is to find it.” ~Buddha

  6. SEARCH for answers…honoring what is true for you. Trust the feeling of knowing your truth. If it feels harmonious, fun, and freeing, give yourself permission to fly. Ignore whatever may be true for others if it doesn’t trigger resonance within you. Embrace your creativity as in your power to create your world and your life experience.image1
  7. SEARCH for signs.
    Indicators. Clues. Guidance. Evidence. They are all around when you open your eyes to them.
  8. SEARCH for unconditional love. When you are in a “pleasing” mode with someone who does not love you unconditionally, you are motivated to different behavior…with feelings of guilt, blame, resentment, and possibly powerlessness. You are modifying your behavior in order to appease someone else. Your internal feeling always reveals when this is happening. Search for it.
  9. SEARCH for contentment. When you feel it, smile to yourself because you are in a great place. Then, recognize you won’t stay here…and you weren’t meant to. It is within our nature and our life purpose to keep expanding and reaching for new desires. You simply cannot stay content in one place. Energy is always moving. And you are energy.
  10. SEARCH for hunger. We do not appreciate contentment without experiencing a hunger pang. Your hunger pang need not be merely physical hunger either. It is hunger as you define it…and as you feel it within yourself. Trust those hunger pangs as a sign you are approaching “E” and need to fuel up.

When I’m feeling weak…And my pain walks down a one way street…I look above…And I know I’ll always be blessed with love…And as the feeling grows…She breathes flesh to my bones…And when love is dead…I’m loving angels instead. ~Robbie Williams

Search the edges. Search for deeper meaning. Go beyond what is said. Search for guidance, search for answers, search for clues, search for the truth. Search within the noise, yourself, the conversation. Go one level deeper. And, above all, take responsibility for how you feel…and the Lexus will follow. :)

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Sarah Ingmanson

Sarah Ingmanson

Sarah is a studio owner, fitness instructor and competitor. She is a former investment banker and equity research analyst with her MBA from the Wharton School and her MA in International Affairs from the Lauder Institute of the University of Pennsylvania. Sarah is fluent in Japanese and consults with Japanese companies on corporate governance, finance, and investor relations. Sarah's interest in Japan stemmed from her first tour with Disney On Ice as a professional figure skater. For more info on Sarah and her studio, visit www.starslocker.com.