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The Power of Mantra and Positive Thinking

What do you know of the magical mind power of mantra?  A mantra can be a single word, or a sound, or even a full statement; it’s meant to be frequently repeated as a means to aid concentration; direction of thought. Mantra is most typically linked to yoga practice, however, mantra can be practiced by anyone, anywhere, at anytime. It’s a tool for self-guidance.

Mantras are known to hold cosmic vibrations that can bring about personal transformation.  Repetition of statements such as: “I am ______”  (fill in the blank) help emphasize your being in the NOW. I have personally felt and witnessed the power of mantra in myself and my students and as well as with my daughters.

At times, I witness my daughters’ struggle with confidence and self-esteem. If I hear them say I can’t, I immediately ask them to repeat after me and say:  I can, I CAN. I will, I WILL. This is one of the main reasons I love to teach a program called willPower for girlPower®, an exercise program which enhances self-confidence for girls ages 8-18.

willPower for girlPower® has a powerful mantra we all can learn from: I am strong, I am confident and I can do anything I set my mind to. Not only is this a great mantra for school-aged girls, it’s an effective mantra for anyone looking to overcome fear, doubt, and a lack of self-esteem.  It’s perfect fuel for reaching goals.

I used the girlPower® mantra in every girlPower session I’ve taught over this past summer.  We formed a “girlPower huddle” in which ten 8-10 year olds would huddle up and say the mantra out loud together. It was this mantra along with unwavering willPower and determination that led 10-year-old Bella to hold a  a 5-minute plank, and then to try out for the travel softball team (in spite of not making the team last year). Bella’s Mom claims: “willPower for girlPower® is an excellent motivational program that helps build self-esteem and confidence that young girls can use throughout their lives.”

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Mantra is also useful for beyond hefty physical and athletic aspirations. One Mom shared her daughter’s story: she had always been scared to go on the “big” rides at the amusement park… until this year. After a few weeks of willPower for girlPower® and repeatedly practicing our girlPower mantra, Carissa, age 8, repeated the mantra to herself as she stood on line for her first roller-coaster. Carissa’s Mom was in awe that she was able to talk her self into it! Carissa overcame her own fear.

At home, I keep a marker-board in the kitchen, and each week I always  display the willPower word of the week and a quote or mantra.  I work with the determination that my girls grow up understanding the power of mantras and positive thinking.  This is just one very small step in a very big journey  – but every step really does count.

Jennifer DeLuccia

Jennifer DeLuccia

Jennifer considers herself lucky to have made her passion her career! Her professional fitness experience of over a decade boasts multiple nationally accredited certifications including 500hr. RYT for yoga helps to keep her students safe and motivated. Jennifer is a EBFA Barefoot Training Specialist, and spent 4+ years as a national master instructor for The willPower Method® and a dedicated contributor to willPower infusion®.


  1. M:eg McNeely
    Sunday, November 4th, 2012 at 7:02 am ·

    Love it! Although the Word of the Week has now changed today, I plan to continue and incorporate this word so I can use this article and story as a wonderful testimony. Just awesomeess.

  2. Jody Diaz
    Thursday, November 1st, 2012 at 3:24 am ·

    Jenn wow wha a great blog. I used this mantra to get me through the storm. I was by myself with the kids, my husband was working an overnight shift. Winds were whipping and I started to panic. I was worried I would have to get out and fast with 2 kids and three animals. Saying a mantra brings me back to THE LITTLE ENGINE THAT COULD…. “I think I can, I think I can” .

  3. Jodi Cortes
    Monday, October 29th, 2012 at 12:19 pm ·

    Jenn this is great and so true. I used it myself this past Saturday, while doing the Urbanathlon! I didn’t think there was any way I was getting through the monkey bars, but I said I CAN, I WILL, and I DID!!!!

  4. Laura Fielding
    Monday, October 29th, 2012 at 11:08 am ·

    Great blog Jenn! I have found that the girlPower mantra has been a very powerful tool for many of the girls that have taken my classes.