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The adventure of life unfolds one step at a time.  Even if it’s a little wobbly and takes all of your concentration.  You know how to do this.  You’ve done it before.


There was a time when you were new to the world.  Your feet had not yet touched the ground.  And eventually, you took your first step.  Everyone cheered.  Even though you were unsteady, this was big news.

One step became many steps.

You were running.  Dancing.

You never stopped moving.

You know in your bones how your body loves to move.

There was a bicycle.  You learned to ride.  You went so fast, it felt like you were flying!

You never stop moving, growing, flying.

It all began with one step.

It always begins with one step.

In willPower & grace® we remember how to be light on our feet.  We remember how to take one step at a time.

Sometimes even one step takes everything we’ve got.  All our focus, all our intention.

First steps are like that sometimes.

Years ago, when I first began my journey with willPower & grace®, I had no idea where it would lead me.

In my case, willPower & grace® led me to discover new power and focus in body and mind.  It led me to new friendships, with men and women who inspire me.  It led me to travel around the country — and then overseas, to Sweden — to teach and share this format and philosophy.

You never know where your steps will lead.  The adventure of life only unfolds one step at a time.

Trust your feet, friends.

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