Accept 2016

The five stages of grief…culminate in ACCEPTance. So whether you’re grieving the loss of a loved one, a diagnosis, or an unpleasant situation, these stages are what you go through…before you reach your destination…the time you ACCEPT

Anyone looking to transform their bodies also goes through these five stages. There is a grieving process as you move with PURPOSE toward your goal and say goodbye to your old self and habits. In a fitness sense, you are grieving the loss of these unhealthy habits. The ones that may be giving you temporary comfort, but are ultimately keeping you at perpetual arm’s length from your future self.

If you don’t get to the stage of acceptance, you will continue to relapse and struggle to make sustainable change. This is why ACCEPT is a word associated with willPower. Here’s how the story plays out:

1. Denial
“The scale must be wrong.” “I’m not that fat.” “I need a second opinion.” “I’m fine.” “Others look, eat, and act the way I do.” “See…I just posted my indulgent meal on Facebook and got a bunch of likes.”

2. Anger
“What the hell?” “How did I get here?” “It must be so-in-so’s fault!” “F#ck!” Pissed off. Stomping around. Mirror-induced crying.

3. Bargaining (a.k.a The Pop-Tart Syndrome)
“I know this Pop-Tart isn’t good for me, so I’ll just have one.” After one, you justify eating the other one because Pop-Tarts are smartly packaged two-in-one. After two, you say f-it because you realize that you’ve strayed off-course and eat the remaining.

4. Depression
“I keep screwing up.” “I give up.” “I suck.” “It’s pointless.” “I’ll never have the body I want.”

5. Accept
“This is no longer an option.” “I must do something.” “I need to get my body (life) back before things spiral out of my control.” “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.” “For real this time.” “I need to let this old self go.” “I accept myself.” “I accept what I need to do.”

ACCEPT your gift of life. This life. The beauty of a new day, a new breath…a new meal…to choose for your self. ACCEPT where you’re at and send love to your future self in terms of what you ACCEPT today. Your willPower decides whether the course you set today is a step toward or a step away from the future image you hold of yourself.

Sarah Ingmanson

Sarah Ingmanson

Sarah is a studio owner, fitness instructor and competitor. She is a former investment banker and equity research analyst with her MBA from the Wharton School and her MA in International Affairs from the Lauder Institute of the University of Pennsylvania. Sarah is fluent in Japanese and consults with Japanese companies on corporate governance, finance, and investor relations. Sarah's interest in Japan stemmed from her first tour with Disney On Ice as a professional figure skater. For more info on Sarah and her studio, visit