me, Me, ME!”

We are enticed to think achieving is something we do all by ourselves and through the toils of our effort and determination. However, in being enticed to this view of the word…world, we discount the collective resources available to us and cut ourselves off from a greater universal power.

Achieve defTo entice you further, the definition of ACHIEVE has been updated to reflect this mindset (See #2 at left).

Don’t get me wrong. Effort and difficulty feel great…well, to your ego. Your ego wishes you to separate, work hard, and…suffer. But, suffering is optional. Achieve, as originally contemplated, means to perform or carry out with success. Success. That is something you determine, define, and continue to refine.

Authors say it feels like channeling when inspiration flows into their writing. Athletes describe a sense of being “in the zone”. In our finest moments — no matter what the pursuit, it feels like we’re sourcing something greater than ourselves. From a place deeper than thought. That connective place of consciousness. To achieve, we need to access it. I mean, to really achieve the soul-satisfying, world-serving, heart-filling stuff that we are here to perform.

When the moment comes to step out on stage, onto the ice, up to the podium, or out on the playing field, we best be empty and open. An empty vessel is receptive. It’s open to energy activated by our muscle memory…our physical, mental, and emotional muscle memory. It’s a blend of knowing our sh#t, and then forgetting about it. Experience comes into play here. Experiences connects us to self-mastery. Slippage occurs when we allow experience to shut us down in fear, resentment, or the pursuit of the ego. Go back and…remember who you are.

Encourage the desires. Activate the aliveness within you. Line up the dreams so the inspiration to act will come to you. So you attract other people, spaces, and places…the cooperative components to your dream. An alive dream…alive in the vibration of your energy…and activated from the passion in your heart.

admin-ajaxBlood, sweat and tears action for the sake of blood, sweat, and tears is wasted action. Put some joyous into your warrior. My class members know what I am talking about…we have been practicing this for the past week. It strangely works! By turning your palms skyward and lifting your eyes and arms to a wide “V” while in Warrior 2, you open yourself up to receive…a smile…a shift in your perception from the struggle to the joy. From the blood, sweat, and tears aspect to the illumination we feel in achievement.

When I am there, in that golden circle where everything feels wonderful for no apparent reason, I try to memorize the feeling, the terrain, the scenery. I have noticed how full I feel at those moments, with an overwhelming sense of lightness about all things. I know that this is our natural state and that the purpose of our lives is to achieve it consistently.” ~Marianne Williamson

Should you wish to take the “ache” out of ACHIEVE, you are left with: I’ve…or I have… What do YOU have? What do you want to have…please, think eulogy, not resume.

1. Show up to achieve. Show up everyday. Not just when you feel like it. The best stuff comes through us when we are feeling the full spectrum of emotions…when we are playing our role as human. Make it an important part of your life if it’s an important part of your heart.

2. Stay to achieve. Stay in the pose…the set…the exercise (jogging, writing, crunching numbers included) with dedication and deliberate intent. Feel the difference this shift from obligation to dedication makes.

3. Align the clock to achieve. Figure out your optimal creative time. I prefer to write or read first thing in the morning because that’s when my mind is clearest and most alert, but mornings are not typically my quiet time anymore. So I’ve adjusted my creative clock to sync with my daughter’s naps…to use my weekends more productively…and to sneak in some time while my fiancé is making dinner. I notice waves of creativity right after I teach, exercise, or indulge in a facial or massage, so I’ll stop for a few minutes to journal then, too.

4. Eat to achieve. Whether it’s a physical or mental endeavor, both body and mind require fuel for creative energy. It’s a requirement, not a nice-to-have. The body and brain require nutrients to synthesize thought and execute tasks. Your body is giving you plenty of signals. It’s your choice whether to listen.

I’ve never seen anyone bring so many groceries into their place on a daily basis…and look so fit. Who else are you cooking for?” ~ one of our valet guys

“Just the two…three of us.” ~Michael Battaglia

5. Delegate to achieve. Trust others. Trust activates the collaborative resources and releases the pressure…the pressure you put on yourself to be indispensable and to “get it all done”. You only seek this kind of external validation when you feel empty and unworthy inside. You let go of it as soon as you realize people love you for who you are, not how much you can do.

It’s not about being indispensable at work, it’s about being irreplaceable as a human.” ~Nancy Levin

6. Worry less to achieve. If they’re not paying your bills, they don’t have the right or authority to tell you how to pay yours…and, that extends to how to live your life. What feels right to you? Go from there. We can’t achieve in the shadows of others or under their limited viewpoints. We must follow our own calling to truly achieve what feels right in our hearts.

A Warrior does not spend his days trying to play the role that others have chosen for him.” ~Paulo Coelho

“If they’re not going towards my bills, I don’t need your two cents.” ~Nicolette Ashleigh

7. Lose the guilt to achieve. We are our own worst enemies. That’s why meditation and self-awareness practices are so important.  Not only do they help us relax, focus, and feel more peaceful inside, we notice the inner critic right away…and become expert on silencing him or her.

8. Suit up to achieve. Put on your power pumps. This is a barefoot-inspired blog and 99% of the time, you will find me barefoot or as close to bare as I can get in my footwear. However, when it’s time to dress up, go for it…from head to toe. Leave no detail behind. You are your personal business card. My new red strappy heels…I break them in like new skates…I practice wearing them before I “hit the ice”.

9. Don’t be shy to achieve. I’m naturally introverted. I would shy away from networking and schmoozing. But there are times in life that call for us to network, schmooze, and…speak up. Yes, send that email. Ask. You never know which connection is going to be the one…the one today or maybe the one tomorrow…or maybe the one 10 years from now. The one that will open up doors for you. Being shy is not cute. Being shy is playing scared. It’s not knowing your self-worth. And, it’s holding you back from all the good stuff life wishes to serve you.

10. Create distance to achieve. Distance…physical, mental, emotional. When we are so tuned in to everything going on in the world, in other people’s lives, we lose our personal edge. We need to tune out to tune in. This week, consider how you can tune out the mindless chatter and assaults to the psyche that are shifting your focus away from the stuff that really matters…to you…and what you wish to ACHIEVE.

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Sarah Ingmanson

Sarah Ingmanson

Sarah is a studio owner, fitness instructor and competitor. She is a former investment banker and equity research analyst with her MBA from the Wharton School and her MA in International Affairs from the Lauder Institute of the University of Pennsylvania. Sarah is fluent in Japanese and consults with Japanese companies on corporate governance, finance, and investor relations. Sarah's interest in Japan stemmed from her first tour with Disney On Ice as a professional figure skater. For more info on Sarah and her studio, visit