Sad Quick Fixes | The willPower Method®

Gloomy November weather getting you down?

Try these healthy quick tricks to shake off a funk in five minutes or less!

Feeling “blah?” Lifeless? Cranky? A general haze of malaise and dissatisfaction with… Everything? And everyone?

My dear, you are in a funk!

Of course ultimately, you will need to address the root cause of your funk. You may be feeling low due to lack of sleep, lack of sun, or stress at home or at work. Take a few minutes to reflect. If you can pinpoint the source, fantastic! If you can’t, don’t worry. Everyone goes through low times… It simply means that a GREAT time is around the corner.

In the meantime, pull yourself up by your Vibram FiveFingers straps and take action to snap out of your sad.

You need to find five minutes and start taking action to return to the “you” you know you can be… Energetic, motivated, and full of life. (Use your natural resources, rather than sinking deeper with prescription drugs or a glass of wine.)

Step One: Smile. The physical act of smiling (simply using your facial muscles to slap on a grin) can increase feelings of happiness even if you’re not thinking of anything particularly happy. More on the Power of Smiling…

Step Two: Gratitude. Think of one thing that is a bright spot in your life right now. Just one thing. It can be anything, from your morning cup of coffee to the friendly smile from your co-worker when you arrived at work. Focus on this one thing and fill your mind with positive energy. Keep your mind open… You may think of something else that you’re grateful for. And then something else… And something else. Gratitude is a beautiful thing – it creates a cascade of positive energy.

Dad told me “Energy begets energy!”

Step Three: Move. My father always said, “energy begets energy!” Stand up (right now!), engage your core muscles, and do 10 jumping jacks. Follow up with 10 push-ups, then stand up and do another 10 jumping jacks. Done! Are you a little sweaty? Flushed? The blood should be coursing through your body and brain and you should be feeling energized and fully alive. The endorphins you just released will help pull you through until you can address the root cause of your funk. Even a one-minute plank can boost your mood with “happy-chemicals”.

Repeat Steps One through Three as often as needed. In no time, you’ll be back on track to your sparkly self.