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Seven Steps to…COMMITMENT

Commitment is the staying power that keeps us in the game when the going gets tough, when adversity strikes, or when we’re just not in the mood. Commitment must be in place to make any and all relationships work. The relationship with your significant other…the relationship to your work…and even your child’s relationship with math homework! Any of us can act robotic and superhuman for a stretch, but not forever. So something beyond our word, our vows, or downright fear ought to be present. I say “ought to” because I’m referring to successful commitments…and that success hinges on a few factors. Take this week’s Seven Steps to infuse more willPower into your COMMITMENT.

1. Dedicate yourself to mastery.

Touted in Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers, 10,000 hours is the requisite passage to mastery. Wondering how long exactly that would take or how far along you are? Calculate it here.

Practice isn’t the thing you do once you’re good. It’s the thing you do that makes you good.” ~Malcolm Gladwell

2. Think twice about time off.

Daily practice of some sort is the surest path to creating a bulletproof routine and cultivating habits of excellence. Whether you’re instilling the practice of brushing teeth with your toddler or an exercise practice for yourself, do it daily for best results!

3. Connect the meaning to even the mundane.

There will be days you don’t want to, or necessary aspects of your commitment that you’d like to skip over. By connecting meaning to the mundane, you will find new resources within yourself to complete the task(s) and stay the course.

4. Look for examples or role models of commitment in your chosen endeavor.

Surround yourself with these people or reminders spatially or virtually to the highest extent possible. By knowing you are not going it alone, you will find access through others’ and lo and behold, within yourself!

5. Cultivate resilience through trial and tribulation.

a.k.a. what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

6. Optimize your emotional, mental, and physical bodies to be able to perform the work optimally.

…we simply can’t share love outward if we do not first know how to love ourselves. When we practice self-love we’re reminding our body—the home for our soul—that it’s sacred. ~Kristin Diversi

7. Look for and reinforce clear linkages between effort and reward.

The highest reward for a person’s toil is not what they get for it, but who they become by it.” ~John Ruskin

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Sarah Ingmanson

Sarah Ingmanson

Sarah is a studio owner, fitness instructor and competitor. She is a former investment banker and equity research analyst with her MBA from the Wharton School and her MA in International Affairs from the Lauder Institute of the University of Pennsylvania. Sarah is fluent in Japanese and consults with Japanese companies on corporate governance, finance, and investor relations. Sarah's interest in Japan stemmed from her first tour with Disney On Ice as a professional figure skater. For more info on Sarah and her studio, visit