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November: Claret Red- Fire, Passion and Transformation


According to Colorstrology by Michelle Bernhardt, the color of the month is ‘Claret Red’, a fiery shade of “intense, passionate and transforming” red.  This color embodies the qualities of “love and passion” and can be useful in removing emotional blocks that are in your way.  One should surround themselves with Claret Red when looking to increase “passion, conviction and emotional fortitude.”

This color just happens to align perfectly with the color of the root chakra, (or base energy center) called Muladhara which means “root support”.  When the root chakra is in balance, the energy flows in two directions: it flows downward like lightning and upward so that you can draw earth energy into the body.  This results in feelings of safety, security and a sense of belonging.   Two mantras that can help you stay grounded, even in times of emotional turmoil are : “I am grounded and secure” and “I am strong enough to overcome any obstacles in my life.”


An open and secure root chakra not only supports a stable  physical nature but because its physiological location and proximity to the genitals, it provides rising energy towards swadhisthana,( the sexual chakra) as well.  Having a strong sense of self  is vital to embracing passion and love for someone else.

red root vegetablesFood:

To feed the body of foods that will help ground you, try root vegetables and seeds.  In terms of providing your body with a protein packed super food, try tuna. Tuna has gotten a bad reputation because of tracings of mercury, especially in canned tuna.  However, the benefits of eating wild-caught tuna far outweigh any risks that are associated with mercury exposure. (By the way ladies, did you know mercury is found in most of your cosmetics?) Anyway, tuna is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids which are necessary for the maintenance of every cell in the body and is considered to be very heart healthy.  It also provides a good source of phosphorus, vitamin B12, D, K, selenium and niacin all while providing a ton of lean protein to fuel the muscles in your body.


ginger_nov blogGinger, the aroma of the month, can help you stand your ground (and it just happens to go very nicely with tuna too).  The aromatic influence of ginger may help influence physical energy, sex, love and courage and it  provides antiseptic, stimulant, tonic and aphrodisiac benefits as well.  Yes, I said aphrodisiac because of ginger’s ability to increase circulation and stimulation.  Oh and did I mention that tuna is considered to be an aphrodisiac too?  What a coincidence!

If you have a recipe you would like to share, please share it in the reply box.

Enjoy this month of connecting to yourself, the earth and maybe someone special.

Jennifer DeLuccia

Jennifer DeLuccia

Jennifer considers herself lucky to have made her passion her career! Her professional fitness experience of over a decade boasts multiple nationally accredited certifications including 500hr. RYT for yoga helps to keep her students safe and motivated. Jennifer is a EBFA Barefoot Training Specialist, and spent 4+ years as a national master instructor for The willPower Method® and a dedicated contributor to willPower infusion®.


  1. mauritamar
    Wednesday, November 6th, 2013 at 1:47 pm ·

    Thank you Meg – sounds delicious! i use ginger in our green juice as well – it is even beneficial for digestion in addition to its other fabulous properties. We recently bought some fresh wild caught tuna from our fishmonger and made some amazing homemade sushi. Eating it raw maintains that fabulous claret red color! Thanks again Jenn for sharing such awesome information!

  2. Jennifer DeLuccia
    Wednesday, November 6th, 2013 at 12:19 pm ·

    What an awesome recipe Meg! I can’t wait to try it :-)

  3. Meg McNeely
    Tuesday, November 5th, 2013 at 7:06 pm ·

    Awesome info once again. It’s always nice to revisit each of the monthly colors and chakra’s. Even though it’s the same chakra and color from last year, reading and learning it again brings different thoughts to mind as it’s a different year.
    I love how you explain the root chakra with class and dignity. We should never be ashamed of our sensual being as we are creatures made to love, feel, and share passion.
    Below is an aphrodisiac recipe with ginger. :)

    Grapes Rolled in Almonds and Ginger
    ½ cup whole almonds, toasted, 1 (3-ounce) package cream cheese, softened, 1 tbsp
    finely chopped crystallized ginger
    15-20 seedless grapes, washed and thoroughly dried

    Chop the toasted almonds finely or grind in a food processor. Blend the cream cheese and ginger in a bowl with an electric mixer. Stir the grapes into the cream cheese mixture to coat. Roll the grapes in the ground almonds. Place on a
    waxed-paper-lined plate and chill until firm.
    Preferably a red plate. ;)