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To love is the great amulet that makes the world a garden.”  – Robert Louis Stevenson

As I sit on my front porch writing this, I reflect on what perfect timing it is for this post.  With the sun beaming on me, I look around and see the color green everywhere.  And, as I try to bounce back from personal loss, I remember that the vibrancy of this month’s color and chakra can heal the heart and assist in creating a sense of rebirth in this spring season.


bud green | the willPower Method®According to Colorstrology by Michele Bernhardt, this month’s color Bud Green is healing, rejuvenating, and prosperous.  This is the only pure green presented in Colorstrology all year long.  This shade not only releases a heavy heart but can provide a sense of balance, strength and substance while inviting us to live within our soul’s true purpose.  Click here for more on Bud Green.



The chakra or energy center that shares the color green is the heart chakra, Anahata (meaning “unstruck”).  Compassion, acceptance, self-love, peace and gratitude are all characteristics of a balanced heart chakra.  Since the heart is the central integrator in the chakra system, the potential to “fall apart” may occur as a response to any grieving over rejection, betrayal or loss.  Once grief is fully experienced (and not repressed) the heaviness of the heart is lifted and ready to be open again.  The bottom line is that unconditional love flowing through the heart chakra will neutralize negative energies and rejuvenate the spirit.


broccoli rabe_may blogThis month’s super food is broccoli rabe.  This bright green vegetable is very popular here in New Jersey and for good reason.  I like to say broccoli rabe is a cross between regular broccoli and kale.  It has a somewhat bitter taste but when blanched or sautéed with garlic, it’s absolutely fantastic!  This vegetable has been called a cancer fighting powerhouse and is a good source of Vitamin A, C, folate, potassium, fiber and calcium.  If you have a hard time finding broccoli rabe, look for rapini, another name for this super food.


This month’s aroma is Bergamot. According to Reference Guide for Essential Oils, “Christopher Columbus is credited with bringing bergamot to Italy from the Canary Islands.”  Bergamot is actually a type of citrus fruit (with a greenish tint) and bergamot essential oil is extracted from the rind of the fruit.  It holds analgesic, antibacterial, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic, antiseptic, and antispasmodic properties.  Its aromatic effect can help relieve anxiety and depression while helping to expand and open the heart.  It’s also very uplifting and refreshing.   This oil is regarded as safe but you should avoid ultra-violet light for 72 hours after use to avoid contact sensitization.

Enjoy opening your heart and rejuvenating your spirit this month!

Jennifer DeLuccia

Jennifer DeLuccia

Jennifer considers herself lucky to have made her passion her career! Her professional fitness experience of over a decade boasts multiple nationally accredited certifications including 500hr. RYT for yoga helps to keep her students safe and motivated. Jennifer is a EBFA Barefoot Training Specialist, and spent 4+ years as a national master instructor for The willPower Method® and a dedicated contributor to willPower infusion®.