The official color for the month of January is the very luscious caramel according to Colorstrology by Michele Bernhardt.  This is a hue of substance and determination. This color can be used by anyone to help attain goals. Well, this seems just perfect for all of you who have established your  New Year’s resolutions!

We can align this color’s properties with the solar plexus chakra, a major energy center that spirals above the navel and below the chest.  Think of this as your power chakra because when balanced, this chakra helps you stick to your plan and get from point A to point Z without distraction.

When you have a balanced solar plexus chakra you will feel responsible and reliable and have solid self-discipline.  The Solar Plexus chakra is yellow – in the golden family with caramel.

So what does balance mean?  Gradual steps which build upon each other will help you gain more self confidence and become more successful as you move to your larger goal.  For example:  if you want to begin better eating habits, it may not be wise to jump directly to a plant-based, gluten free, dairy-free, sugar-free diet all at once. Remember – you want to end bad habits, and begin good habits – but willPower is strength work – and it’s only fair to give yourself time to build your strength. Take one at a time – establish a new good habit  (or release a bad habit) every six to eight weeks.

According to Bernhardt, surrounding yourself with the a grounding caramel hue will increase patience, tenacity and endurance. By all accounts, these qualities will enhance your habit-forming capabilities.

This very happy and healthy recipe is from a willPower blog writer, Brianne Grogan:  Nut + Grain Free Banana Chip Cookies will help you accomplish a few goals: use your Solar Plexus (yellow Solar Plexus Chakra color – banana), eat your caramel hue during the holiday season, and work with patient balance and moderation toward a larger goal.

Jennifer DeLuccia

Jennifer DeLuccia

Jennifer considers herself lucky to have made her passion her career! Her professional fitness experience of over a decade boasts multiple nationally accredited certifications including 500hr. RYT for yoga helps to keep her students safe and motivated. Jennifer is a EBFA Barefoot Training Specialist, and spent 4+ years as a national master instructor for The willPower Method® and a dedicated contributor to willPower infusion®.