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I read a story about a man challenged with prosopangnosia. He was a famous artist, yet he was unable to recognize faces. He could create a painted masterpiece of your face but couldn’t remember it. Born with this disability, some would call this his greatest weakness. You would think creating artwork of faces would be the last thing he would be doing, although this is exactly what he loved. It motivates him. He said, “everything in my art is driven from my disability.” His greatest strength has shown through from the platform of his greatest weakness. It doesn’t depress him but drives him forward so his greatness can be magnified.

Most of us will not face the condition of this man but we all have weakness. Every single person has a platform; an opportunity of greatness. In a society that places pressure on others to hide weakness and display only strength; the vulnerability and courage it takes to bare ones soul and show the normalcy and beauty in weakness actually has the greatest power in our platform of purpose. The paradox is that we want to see weakness in others because it makes us feel accepted, safe and real, yet we don’t want to expose our weakness.

I’ll start. Like many of us, I struggle with eating too much at night and emotional crutch. I’ve recently reached out for accountability to help me emotionally and physically. Being in the fitness industry, one of my greatest platforms is using this weakness to expose a greatness of where I have come from and my heart’s desire to move forward. I feel inadequate and weak when speaking/teaching in front of others, but I know that it’s a gift that I’ve been given and has purpose.

What are some of your deepest weaknesses? Some of you may feel inadequate following your heart and dreams. Some may have a debilitating insecurity of a body part. Some may be financially struggling and don’t see a way out. For every person, a weakness does exist. It’s the beauty of this broken world that brings us together in such a deep, spiritual and meaningful journey. Every person has an opportunity of greatness in their platform of weakness. Weakness is not a bad thing but a powerful component to use as an opportunity to encounter locked up greatness. Many people disqualify themselves before the opening bell has rang due to insecurities and past failures. You are more qualified simply for your attempts to step into the ring.

A weakness may make us feel like we are the farthest from success, yet in actuality it has the possibility to produce a posture of humility, a teachable spirit and a strength filled vulnerability shows that breakthrough is right on the other side of trying once more. Don’t give up. Try again. The passions and weaknesses inside are just the fuel needed to see that your struggles may be your best kept secrets. The areas we struggle the most may actually be the place we are purposed to be and shine the most. Use them as fuel for your platform and new perspective of possibilities. Like the artist, let everything you do be driven from disability to courageous ability.

shana savitz

Shana Savitz has been a fitness professional for over a decade. She received her B.S in Kinesiology Health and Fitness from Texas Christian University. She is a certified Group Exercise Instructor, Personal Trainer and a Master Trainer for Trigger Point Therapy.