Once bitten, twice shy. Like wounded birds who fell out of our nests, do we dare to fly again? Oh…but what is the alternative? To never trust anyone, anything, any possibility again? To close shop and look upon the world with suspicious eyes?

True, we all face this temptation at some points in our lives. But, without trust, we screw ourselves over. We poison our soul and harden our hearts. We find more things to blame than to be grateful for. Our capacity to love becomes threatened by our propensity to fear. When we don’t trust, we shut ourselves off from the ecstasies of life.

Trust is the glue that puts us back together. That opens us up to experience the orgasmic highs of life. Trust lifts our spirit, our posture, our eyes…to growth, expansion, and joy…to life at its most amazing.

It is only trust that enables us to roam through the world, one foot nailed to the ground, attached to the string that will lead us back to where we’ve come from.” ~Joan Chittister

When we shift our so-called trust issues onto others, we miss the point. Distrust of others reflects an inner distrust of self. How can this be? “They” did it. They betrayed us…or life betrayed us…but neither is true. Betrayal is an inner state of confusion. Life will show you over and over again you have no authority to be in control of anything but one thing…yourself.

For peace of mind, resign as general manager of the universe.” ~Unknown

Self-control is vitally important to willPower. All other types of control show a lack of trust. A lack of trust in the unfolding of life. To replenish your innate reservoir of trust, grab your bucket…and start bailing…water, not your soul:

1. TRUST…in perfect timing. Catch yourself when you think something isn’t coming through fast enough…or, it wasn’t supposed to happen so soon…or, at all! Your annoyance with timing reminds you of your place in life. Respond to the unfolding of events with the calm trust in perfect timing…because things always work out in your favor…when you stop attempting to orchestrate.

2. TRUST…your triggers. Things that trigger you are nothing to be ashamed of. They represent places where you’ve been wounded and now beckon you to introspect, to peel away a layer of hurt, and to, above all, ‘fess up in awareness that your reaction was an overreaction to the now, but reflective of some by-gone.

3. TRUST…the basic goodness of the person standing in front of you. The one who wants “in”. Allow this person the chance to show up. Past hurts tempt us to close off before giving another a chance to show us what he or she is made of. The problem, of course, with that is…

Every blessing ignored becomes a curse.” ~Paulo Coelho1006136_10200750885567491_1689576812_n

4. TRUST…it’s not happening to you, it’s happening for you. This is difficult at times to accept because we have such limited view. Over time, we will see the perfection. When my father died during my junior year of high school, I lamented how unfair. But, I started to see the utter perfection in my life unfolding. How his death set off a series of events, changed perspective, and intense conviction…molding me into the woman I am today. I read recently, “It’s a gift to have a loved one on the other side.” I firmly know this to be true. Anyone who has experienced this can attest. They are with us always.

5. TRUST…your gut. The solar plexus chakra houses our willPower. When we are giving ourselves away or have become depleted in self-worth, we create blockages in the solar plexus, often experienced as stomach or digestive problems. Stomach in knots is literally true! When I am stressed, I could be confused for pregnant – my stomach bloats so much. As soon as the stress goes down, the belly goes down…and thus a fantastically easy (but to my ego, embarrassing…) way to monitor my stress or anxiety levels.

6. TRUST…your heart. Choose heart-centered responses and heart-centered action. When we lead from the heart, we do no real harm. Even if it’s tough talk or bold action, staying heart-centered allows us to maintain healthy boundaries as we swim forward, setting up a positive wave for others in our divine ocean to surf.

486525_10151106105921119_1314028847_n7. TRUST…your feet. Your connection to the earth. You can only trust these puppies if they are strong…and pampered. Barefoot classes, lifting all ten toes up and down as you wash dishes, soft landings as you walk, leap, or jump…foot reflexology, sugar scrub, pedicures. Feet are at the base of the kinetic chain that keeps you standing. Hip or knee problems often stem from ‘dem feet. So treat them well.

8. TRUST…the process…of elimination. I just reduced my cable bill by $50. Felt fantastic. I love reducing bills. Clearing out old clothes, a clean clutter-free living space…ahhh, I’m in heaven. Often, the process of elimination is cleansing. At other times, it feels downright scary. We cling to things thinking they make us secure…but, the irony is the more we accumulate, the more measures we have to take to keep all of our stuff secure. And, nothing is really secure. So, it’s when we finally release our false sense of security, we gain true security. And with security, comes trust.

9. TRUST…the people you have hired and be deferential to their expertise. Watch how it eliminates stress from your life and empowers them to do their thing. We don’t like working for micro-managers, so don’t be one either! Your accountant, your realtor, your investment advisor…your trainer! While pregnant, my trainer assured me I would have no stretch marks 10626822_10203777684995585_1837369032059659142_nand the growth hormone from pregnancy would actually assist me in postpartum show prep. So, I set my sights on North Americans…and jumped in with both feet. I had never been so far from my stage physique, so I would close my eyes while emailing him progress pics. I had to trust. And, I did. We had years of trust in our relationship. His confidence kept me mentally and physically in-check. When I reached stage 17 weeks later with new muscle (and no stretch marks), I celebrated…with renewed trust of what is possible.

10. TRUST…at the level of change. Physical change is the most difficult to manifest because the energy is the densest in the physical plane. That’s why it’s critical to start at the level of thought and feeling…more accessible via meditation. Develop awareness for the narration you are layering onto your life situation. A distrustful person spins tragedies; a trusting person spins adventures.

We are born to die. Live an adventure instead of a tragedy. Dare to trust…again.

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Sarah Ingmanson

Sarah Ingmanson

Sarah is a studio owner, fitness instructor and competitor. She is a former investment banker and equity research analyst with her MBA from the Wharton School and her MA in International Affairs from the Lauder Institute of the University of Pennsylvania. Sarah is fluent in Japanese and consults with Japanese companies on corporate governance, finance, and investor relations. Sarah's interest in Japan stemmed from her first tour with Disney On Ice as a professional figure skater. For more info on Sarah and her studio, visit