To live happily is an inward power of the soul.”–Marcus Aurelius

For the last 2o years, I have always taken some kind of vacation in August and I’ve always felt something sweet about this month of the year.  But, the truth is whether you vacation in August or not, that sweetness can be found within yourself.


The color of the month for August is Sun Orange according to Colorstrology by Michele Bernhardt.  This bright color is said to be “grand and royal” and can also eliminate self-consciousness and “help you to see the brighter side of life” (which is pretty sweet and majestic if you ask me).  For more, check out last year’s blog on Sun Orange.


This month’s color aligns very nicely with the 2nd or sacral chakra. The name for this chakra is “svadisthana” which has been translated to mean “one’s sweetest abode or one’s own place”.  Interestingly enough, when this chakra is balanced and you allow yourself to feel pleasure and joy, you will create that sweetness in your life no matter where you are and no matter who you are with.


mango_aug14To me, you can’t get any sweeter than mangoes.  I could live on them if I let myself.  Although we know that we have to eat things in moderation, there are at least seven reasons to include mangoes into your daily diet.  Mangoes pack a powerful punch by helping to prevent cancer, lower cholesterol, clear skin, alkalize the body, lower risk for diabetes, and serve as a remedy for heat stroke to name a few.  And, what’s even more powerful is that mangoes have 25 carotenoids to keep the eyes and immune system strong and healthy.


Tangerine essential oil, our oil this month is another sweet fruit that packes a powerful punch.  It is cold pressed from the rind and offers anti-coagulant, anti-inflammatory, laxative and sedative properties while also possibly helping dissolve cellulite, increase fat digestion and help to alleviate water retention.  (Ladies, I don’t know about you but that sure does sound good to me!)

In this final full month of summer, be sure to sweeten things up by basking in the color sun orange (sun-pun intended) and the fruits mangoes and tangerines.  Enjoy!