Cayenne Red and Rooted

April has always been one of my favorite months of the year (maybe because I share my birthday with the Earth, April 22nd)! Around the middle of April, all of the magnolia trees (my favorite kind of tree) are in bloom and seeing that type of beauty stops me dead in my tracks forcing me to take a big breath in of all the delightful sights and sounds of spring time.   This month’s color and chakra reminds us to kick off our boots and reconnect with the earth during this season of rebirth.


Color:April Cayenne | The willPower Method®

Cayenne, a bright and vibrant red is “fiery, energetic and courageous”, according to Michele Bernhardt, author of Colorstrology.  As we find ourselves diving in to spring with passion  let’s indulge in the  “promise of growth and plenty” as “everything is new and popping with excitement.  This is a time for new beginnings and initiating action.” This color can be used by anyone to increase energy and pizzazz.  In other words, let’s light things up!


This color relates to our base or root chakra. The function of this chakra is to draw energy from the Earth up through the feet and the legs and help to stabilize the spine.  This is one great reason to kick off your winter boots and start to walk around barefoot on the earth.  Receiving the full flow of this Earth energy can really allow our beings to thrive.


The Easter Bunny isn’t the only one who loves carrots.  Turns out, in spite of claims that raw carrots have too much sugar content, new research shows that eating root vegetables like carrots should be eaten every day for optimum health.  Most of us have heard that carrots can help us see better but did you know (according to the Reference Guide for Essential Oils) that historically carrots have been used as a blood cleanser, for liver and skin problems, for pulmonary conditions, allergies and inflammation of the intestines as well as a tonic for the nervous system?  If you are thinking carrots are only orange, think again.  Carrots come in red, purple and yellow and all the different colors offers antioxidants that can help the physical body thrive and feel balanced.


Sandalwood, the aroma for April can help ground the body and “calm, harmonize and balance” emotions.  This essential oil has anti-depressant, antiseptic, anti-tumor, calming, sedative and tonic properties.  Many cultures consider sandalwood to be sacred and historically it has been used to aid in meditation and prayer.  Some other uses for sandalwood are back pain, laryngitis and wrinkles.  The Egyptians also used this essential oil for embalming.  This scent is soft, woody, sweet and earthy which make it a great scent for the month of April.

Enjoy this month of grounding your physical, mental and spiritual bodies!

Jennifer DeLuccia

Jennifer DeLuccia

Jennifer considers herself lucky to have made her passion her career! Her professional fitness experience of over a decade boasts multiple nationally accredited certifications including 500hr. RYT for yoga helps to keep her students safe and motivated. Jennifer is a EBFA Barefoot Training Specialist, and spent 4+ years as a national master instructor for The willPower Method® and a dedicated contributor to willPower infusion®.