Passion Pursuit | The willPower Method®

I’ve seen a beautiful conviction. It manifests in all forms of emotions. It’s magnetic and powerful. It can be loud and emotional, or sometimes, it silently converts lost spirits to a pursuit of freedom. It’s seen at home, on the stage, at work, on a canvas, in a gym or in a classroom. This beautiful sight is passion.  We’ve all seen that person that ‘comes alive’ in their element, but what about those who have lost sight of personal passions, desires and joys?  How do you reclaim the freedom of the passionate pursuit?

Passion is the most powerful emotion that humans possess. Passion is your creative character touching something beyond the physical world.  Passion at work produces the wildfires of life. It can come in many forms. If you’re passionate about family, live it out loud. If you’re passionate about dance, dance at every opportunity. If you’re passionate about your job, show your gratefulness with work and honor. Go to war for a continual life of passion.  Passion toward anything is a daily choice and constant work in progress. The umbrella of quietness may be a sign of its preparation. Do you get excited watching someone in their element when it is clear that they are fully alive?  When I feel a loss of my own passion, watching another be ‘alive’ in that moment ignites the kindled flame, and even for just a moment, I am reminded that it’s still within me.

My friend recently shared, “ I’ve been in a junkyard of mundane living; a day to day life without passion or purpose which leaves me feeling hopeless. One day I gnaw on sad remnants of what I believe my life has become and the next I pump myself up and try to see the good.” And the yo-yo continues. She shares, “I think on the negative, lost my pursuit for passion, and it leaves me feeling empty.” This feeling of destitution isn’t among the few.  When emptiness sees a glimpse of hope, passions begin to root. To feel ‘full’ you must have a constant in-flowing and out flowing. This beautifully rich balancing act is about feeding your passions (in-flowing) and constantly expressing those passions (out flowing).  Bill Johnson wrote, “Courage lies in the quietness of a life that refuses to bow to the cesspool of darkness that pulls daily at our souls.”  It’s a courageous act to dream again, a fight to reawaken the hibernation of unique passions. Courage breeds passion, and passion is an avenue to a life of purpose.

There may be seasons of silence, but the relentless quest and faithfulness are seeds that bring forth growth. I believe these pursuits can help develop a lifestyle of passion:

  1. Choose a culture of honor. Honor the people you serve, those you love and your body.
  2. Be patient with small beginnings. Be faithful with what you have. Ask yourself “How creative can I get with the small gift that I’ve been given?”
  3. Wear the goggles of gratefulness. We reproduce what our eyes are fixed upon.
  4. Remind yourself of desires and hopes that make you ‘come alive’. Write them, and keep them in the forefront of your heart. They’re in your heart for a reason, for purpose and a season.

When your internal world begins to shift, the perception of the outside world begins to change. It’s a courageous journey to reclaim and pursue passions. Carrying a climate of passion is courage set on fire.  As you become who you were created to be, you will begin to flow into purpose. Passion is be ever-changing; it’s the daily process and pursuit that produce success… not the final outcome. Passion is within you. It’s in your DNA. Your passion breaks down walls and sets you apart… You simply must reclaim what is yours. 

shana savitz

Shana Savitz has been a fitness professional for over a decade. She received her B.S in Kinesiology Health and Fitness from Texas Christian University. She is a certified Group Exercise Instructor, Personal Trainer and a Master Trainer for Trigger Point Therapy.