5 Ways to Stay Committed to Your Workouts

Spring is finally here after the chilly indoor winter months. With all its blooming flowers and warmth, spring offers a breath of new life, inspiring many folks back on the path towards achieving their health and fitness goals.

Many are already dreaming about their beach body just in time for the approaching warmer months of the summer. As such, it helps to make both your  workouts and the short period of time available as effective as possible.

There are no quick cheats to exercise! It will take work. This being said, if you stick with a smart plan, you will be able to achieve the success you want. Here are 5 effective strategies to help get you stay on path to committed exercise, and reaching your goals.

1.  A Strong Focus

Since you’re dealing with long-term goals, your focus should be entirely on the long run. No matter how effective your workout routine is, you need the right attitude. Don’t make excuses or cut corners when you don’t see results as early as you would like – after all you may be undoing years of neglect and bad dieting decisions!

At the start, progress may feel slow. Take this as realization that you’re doing the right thing, however, and power through it, stay committed. This is perhaps the most important in the early stages, where you’ll need your mental focus on your larger goal.


Just like cooking, you can do wonders with the simplest ingredients. When it comes to working out, why get caught up something needlessly complex? There’s always a new fad workout or DVD that might be fun to try, but returning to the basics is smart; tried-and true methods are effective .
At the end of the day, most workouts will do what they say: whether it’s stretching, burning energy or toning your body, so why over-think it? For example: if you want to work your lower back muscles, stick with a classic deadlift. Not only do simple methods work, you will find them easy to fit into your busy schedule.

3.  Appreciate YOUR Hard Work

Sometimes the old saying really is true: “no pain, no gain”. When it comes to your body, you should not flinch from the hard tasks. It can be easy to neglect key workouts if you are busy doing everything else. This isn’t a compromise, it’s your brain’s method of getting out of hard work.

As such, a strong willpower is essential. Your goal is hefty, so learn to appreciate the effort that comes with it. If you avoid it, it only becomes more challenging – both physically and mentally – in the long run.

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4.  STAY Consistent 

Repetition is essential. Muscles get the most benefit when regular workouts apply pressure, burn energy and allow the muscles themselves to develop. If you’re looking to slim down and tone up, then you need make regular commitments.

Of course, not everyone has plentiful amounts of time on their hands. It’s better to go for regular commitments than sporadic opportunities. In other words, plan your sessions in advance, in the gym or at home. What’s important is that you stick to your commitments to yourself and don’t let other distractions eat up the dedicated time for YOU.

5.  Understand and Set Limits

The simple truth is that you can actually workout too much. If you push yourself too much in one session and you’ll end up damaging muscles through strain and stress. Gain an understanding of your limits and respect your limits – you’ll find increased tolerance over time.

This is true for every single workout, which is another reason why it’s important to exercise your entire body.  A simple workout routine will be balanced with flexibility, weights or resistance, and cardiovascular activity.

In short, these 5 guidelines will add up to a simple regime that’s easy to keep, fits into your lifestyle and will generate the results you want. Time will pass, and soon, it will all feel worthwhile when you experience the benefits – the changes you made through your personal, dedicated willPower.


Dummy James


Demmy James is a fitness buff, strength and conditioning coach and content contributor with Muscle & Strength. He is constantly looking to inspire and motivate through his writings.