willPower for girlPower!®

The dream finally became a reality! I just got approval to bring willPower for girlPower® to my school! This was a year in the making. I work at PCTI: Passaic County Technical Institute, a vocational high school located in the city of Wayne, NJ.  My school, like many schools across the country, has been experiencing deep budget cuts, and, typically, the first major cuts are after-school programs. I’m so thrilled that this program has made the landed above the fold… now I’ll get to inspire more young women through The willPower Method®.

Why did willPower for girlPower® get approval this year?  As I sat in a meeting with the Superintendent, she reflected in times past when activity required a journal, thought provocation and participation from all students. As she looked through the girlPower manual she appreciated the weekly lesson plans and session content  which these young women would be engaged in.  More than anything, she appreciated the “Footnotes” (discussion-point handouts) which my girls will fill in and submit at the end of each session. Group review and reflection in each girlPower session will validate each girl’s comments, questions, and personal thoughts. Recognizing that the program is designed to enhance self-confidence through cultivation of willPower, she saw tremendous value.

As I prepare for the program I reflect on why I had such passion to bring it to PCTI.  My thoughts always return to my students. It’s hard enough to be a teenage girl, but Today’s World seems to carry so many more pressures than when I was young. Young girls today have fast paced, hard working parents in a tough economy.  Many households are single-parented (domestic disruption and divorce is rampant in the inner city where I work).  Of course, they have traditional pressures for good grades, and the constant strive to “fit in”. The media gives an illusion of what young women should be, and it is not always a realistic picture.

I have been blessed with so many students in my classroom who’ve trusted and respected me. I’ve witnessed many of my students evolve into empathetic, mature, successful adults. However, I have also consulted and encouraged kids who were having deep self-esteem issues and fears of what their future will bring. I want them to feel they are not alone, and that they  “can do anything they set their minds to”.

We have seen the many benefits of willPower & grace® in our adult students at studios all over the world. I am anxious to see what the girls will benefit from in the program at PCTI. Stay tuned!

Tracy Vicente

Tracy is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Level 3 willPower & grace® instructor, and a contributor to the willPower for girlPower!® program. She is a full-time Advertising Art & Design instructor and shares the willPower programs with faculty, staff, and students. Tracy is certified in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University. With a dominantly raw, plant-based diet, she hopes to help those seeking optimal performance and vibrant health.


  1. Brianne
    Wednesday, September 12th, 2012 at 10:59 pm ·

    This is awesome — what a GREAT program!

  2. SLK
    Wednesday, September 12th, 2012 at 6:04 pm ·

    Tracy – you should be so proud of yourself… I can’t wait to hear all about the program, and how it effects your students.