JUNE 8-11 2017



In 2017, don’t you think you deserve something a little different? Grab a fitness instructor friend and your favorite student. Come to Colorado and get Fully InspYred.

This is is more than a fitness retreat and certainly not your typical fitness conference! willPower Method® instructors will LOVE the inspiration, instructors from other disciplines will be blown away by the detail-oriented approach to a 4-day event. Fitness enthusiasts will be amazed by a flood of education, wellness-lifestyle and incredible, high-level approach to workouts.

willPower instructors – bring a fitness friend and introduce them to the willPower difference. There will be something for everyone. Throughout the weekend you’ll have the opportunity to get up close and personal with world class presenters who all have a common goal – helping you achieve your most inspyred, true self.

So why the Y in Inspyred? Most conferences talk about your clients, and all that you can give them. Here – it’s about You honey. Of course, as a teacher it will be natural for you to bring this education back to your clients – but how about a weekend where you are not focused on Mrs. Jones’ needs – and instead focus on your own. To inspire, you need to be fully inspyred yourself!

YOU: Geek out: lectures and workshops with NASM, ACE, AFAA cec’s from world-class presenters

YOU: Inspiring studio workouts, with mirrors, plus a Rockstar workout like you’ve never imagined

YOU: Meet your feet on a mountainside, and visit a glacier. Feel the earth, breath fresh air and experience altitude.

YOU: Meditation and quiet space, plus time for you to connect with old friends, and make new ones

YOU: Experience holistic living at it’s best: INSPYRE your senses with aromatherapy and natural healing herbs.  Cannabis is legal in Colorado, and if you’d like to learn more about it, you’ll have the opportunity to explore.

Transportation from Denver International Airport is now easier than ever with a $9 train direct to the city! A brand NEW hotel at a great room rate! In the heart of Denver, walking distance to restaurants and shopping.

Schedule is posted now. Check out the world-class lineup, and start making your plans.