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It’s happened to me hundreds of times: in the gym, at fitness conferences, while I’m hiking.  People look down at my minimal shoes, and ask: “Do you like those?” “Are they comfortable?”.  (Really?)  Yes Sir, they are – that’s why I’m wearing them.

I’ve also had dozens of people take it upon themselves to begin a debate: “You shouldn’t wear those shoes – what if you drop a weight on your foot?”. My answer: “I don’t drop my weights.  I pay attention.” (Of course, accidents always happen, but would you abstain from driving your car because you might hit a telephone pole?)

That’s the basic story behind Foot Fitness.  Awareness. Be aware that your feet are there. Work them… move them… excite them! During each and every workout develop awareness from head to toe.  (From your brain to your feet). Develop the self-control that will enhance your body, rather than beating it up. Isn’t it time to start training smarter?

I hope you give my Foot Fitness workouts a try, I’ve got so many to share with you!  This quick video gives a great example of Foot Fitness integration into the Lateral Raise exercise.

Stacey Lei Krauss

Stacey Lei Krauss

Stacey Lei Krauss is the creator and developer of the globally recognized barefoot cardio fusion program, The willPower Method®. Specializing in foot-fitness since 2000, she helps people understand why and how to develop healthy, fit bodies, from the ground up. Reiki practitioner and student of transformational arts, she's a mover, writer, traveler, and general truth-seeker. Recipient of the 2014 ECA Best Female Presenter Award, she's the Mindful Music Advisor for Power Music® and has programmed educational courses and workouts for Nike , Vibram FiveFingers®, BOSU®, Schwinn® Cycling, and Peak Pilates® .