Hi team –  It’s me – SLK.

Thanks for your patience and support. Ok – whew – here we go!!  We’ve made it to The Next Dimension of Fitness  – and I’m so excited to share this with you!

The backstory on The willPower Method program:  Savvier Fitness (the company that launched Mindy Mylrea’s GLIDING and Tricia Murphy-Madden / Leslee Bender’s BARRE ABOVE) bought The willPower Method – two years ago. It’s been an amazing… yet long 2 years.

During this time, I’ve been very busy. I’ve been working with Savvier to enhance, refresh and prepare The willPower Method programming to relaunch and grow exponentially. During this very creative process, we collectively discovered what makes willPower AMAZING, and different from anything else. (And it’s not the FEET).


Well – it IS the feet – and we’re amazing with foot fitness…

But it’s so much MORE than feet.  It’s the piece that we’ve kept “in the closet”. It’s the piece that we’ve been gentle with. It’s the EMOTION part of it all – our willPower Philosophy. Our willPower Philosophy is what captured YOU, our instructors – but we didn’t talk about that so much – right? Because what the world loves is a strong workout… so we championed on, stayed fiercely physical, and gently brought the willPower philosophy to our students, as they were ready.

During the past four years, as many of my friends know, I dove into yoga. Not because I wanted to become a yoga teacher, but because I was lost, and because I broke.  I went through a breakup… and then I had a breakdown. Then I broke some bones, and then…. I retreated to India. 

I had no idea what would happen there – but it changed my life forever (as India likes to do). I went there in search of my next chapter. I knew I was leaving the fitness industry, and planned to restart my life when I returned. But I sat with a mystical sage in Mumbai who literally said to me: “No, dear, you’re not leaving your business. In fact, you’re not going anywhere. You have a lot of work to do” I was crushed, and I felt trapped. But, then I knew there was more to do.


Over the next 24 months I sunk deeply into Yogic culture, I saw a glimpse of what I was meant to learn. I realized that essentially, “Positive Philosophy”… “willPower Philosophy”… IS YOGA!!! Sensory integration… feeeeeeling with interception. Everything that willPower was (and is) Yep. It’s all Yoga. Amazing Yoga.

SO: we re-branded! CARDIO YOGA: Our new name makes it easy for students to understand. It draws all the right people. People who expect to be barefoot. People who expect to breathe and think, and not compete against each other.  People who understand “smarter… not harder”… People who expect to hear their instructor say something “woo woo”- because, well,  “yoga”.  So – when these people take class, they’re fulfilled and excited and emotional – just the way they should be. They get what they expect – and so much more. Because, well – willPower!

Our new education is an online course – so you get a lot of ME – lol – all the education direct from the source.  There’s a LOT of information packed in there, so I made it an active, working course.  It’s a 6-week, 37 hour program. No joke. No wham, bam. CARDIO YOGA is deeper. We’re a lifestyle. You need to practice it, you need to live it.

CARDIO YOGA offers 3.0 ACE CECs (enough to recert), 16 AFAA and NASM and 35 Yoga Alliance Credits. Wowza!

Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 4.15.07 PM

It’s FREE to current willPower instructors – who have been a dedicated to our program during this transition.Savvier will require that you move your membership over to their platform. You will sign up with them and your willPower membership will be cancelled.

Do you HAVE to take the new education? No… but…. I hope you WANT to! It’s an amazing course, and although it will feel and taste like willPower… we’ve evolved.  There are fundamental differences in how we deliver our Moving Meditation … and we are just getting started! The new, optional, ongoing membership will be ROBUST- live videos from our Master Trainers each week, monthly education from me, and new class releases each quarter!

For past instructors,  “friends of willPower” and “friends of Savvier”- you will have access to our program at a nice 50% discount – that’s our big launch! Check your inbox, and check your spam. The email has arrived from You’re not a current member – but you want our Friends and Family discount?  I love sharing. The same email address as above. Just reach out.

PLEASE stay close to FACEBOOK for news and updates.  We will post here on the willPower website as well.

CURRENT INSTRUCTORS / WIN MEMBERS: If you did not receive your invitation to join for free, please follow these steps: Email:  Subject: your name –  CARDIO YOGAI will need the email address that you would like your invitation sent to – but I ALSO need the email address that you have registered in wIN. This piece is important. I’ll send your invitation asap.

Whew – ok. Are you with me team? I mean, to go and change the world? (that’s willPower…)



Stacey Lei Krauss

Stacey Lei Krauss

Stacey Lei Krauss is the creator and developer of the globally recognized barefoot cardio fusion program, The willPower Method®. Specializing in foot-fitness since 2000, she helps people understand why and how to develop healthy, fit bodies, from the ground up. Reiki practitioner and student of transformational arts, she's a mover, writer, traveler, and general truth-seeker. Recipient of the 2014 ECA Best Female Presenter Award, she's the Mindful Music Advisor for Power Music® and has programmed educational courses and workouts for Nike , Vibram FiveFingers®, BOSU®, Schwinn® Cycling, and Peak Pilates® .