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“Calm Mind, Beautiful Body” Challenge

Spring… A time for rebirth and renewal. The sun is (finally!) starting to shine, and as a collective whole, we are gaining energy, fire, and HEAT.

At our roots, we are still primitive beings. We are built to live according to the rhythm of the seasons, settling with the cold and rising with the sun. Light helps motivate us to make positive changes.

Recently, my business partner and I were discussing New Year’s Resolutions. We agreed that although January 1 looks good from a calendar and numerical perspective, it is one of the WORST times to attempt making huge shifts in our health! Winter is dark and cold… A time to hibernate and turn inward… A contemplative time. The new year is a wonderful time to make certain types of positive changes, but it may not be the most practical time to focus on amping up your pep and fire.

So let’s use the current energy of the seasons — late spring shifting into summer — as a catalyst for change… A surge of motivation to re-set our bodies for lasting health. Enter the FemFusion Fitness “Calm Mind, Beautiful Body” Challenge!

The 4-week “Calm Mind, Beautiful Body” Challenge will help you feel better, cleaner, more energetic, and more radiant both inside and out. Let’s shed the winter doldrums and pulse with the energy of SPRING!

The basic “Eat Clean, and Move Every Day” guidelines was posted on our blog on May 13, but the FUN of this Challenge was on the FemFusion Fitness Facebook page. Each day on Facebook — also starting May 13 — we post a bite-sized (super-achievable) challenge to help you make a true lifestyle shift.

  • During the first week, Brianne will provide daily nutrition challenges. They will be simple practices that anyone can do at any time. They will not require any special ingredients or equipment, but they will motivate you to begin (or continue on) your clean eating journey.
  • During the second week, Katy will provide daily yoga challenges. They will not require special equipment or superhuman flexibility — they will simply be tools designed to help you begin (or deepen) your mind-body practice.
  • During the third week, Brianne will provide daily fitness challenges. These may include videos or specific physical challenges to boost your energy and vitality.
  • During the fourth week, Katy will provide daily meditation challenges that anyone can do, whether you’re a novice meditator or seasoned practitioner.

This 4-week program is FREE and open to anyone, anywhere in the world. Tell your friends… Make it a group effort!

Commit to following through and you will notice a difference in your body, mind, and spirit after the 4 week “Calm Mind, Beautiful Body” Challenge. We hope you will join us! Check back on the FemFusion Fitness blog AND on our Facebook page, and please… Leave comments! We love hearing from you.

Brianne Grogan

Brianne is a women’s health physical therapist, an AFAA certified group fitness instructor, and the founder of FemFusion Fitness. Originally from Oregon, she currently lives in Germany with her husband and son. Brianne teaches FemFusion group fitness classes in her local community and on U.S. military installations. She recently released her first book, FemFusion Fitness for Intimacy. Visit Brianne at Fem Fusion Fitness or on Facebook.

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    Tuesday, May 14th, 2013 at 10:54 pm ·

    Thanks for posting this intro to our “Calm Mind, Beautiful Body” Challenge, Stacey! If anyone has any questions, feel free to email me (