focus | The willPower Method®


Be proactive for this one life that you have been given. Dedicate yourself to a cause.

savor | The willPower Method®


In the last few days of this year, seize The Power of Now. Enjoy every morsel you put into your mouth… revel in the few extra minutes you lounge in your bed.

prepare | The willPower Method


Preparation is not a magical or emotional term – rather, it is responsibility for yourself, a strong cornerstone; or a springboard, to all of your future; your hope, need, desire.

grace | The willPower Method copy


I have said for years “Grace is how you land on your feet” – and it’s true. Grace is reflected in your actions, in each and every step you take in your journey. Grace is defined as moral strength.

willPower | The willPower Method®


WillPower is NOT easy. It means trying and failing, and trying and failing. Building willPower is strength building. If your actions reflect these words: Persistance, tencacity, dedication, commitment, you will ultimately reach your desired state.

gratitude |The willPower Method®


Gratitude is conscious reflection; rather than instinct or reflex. Gratitude requires a moment of clarity and also a moment of truth.

value | The willPower Method


Create more space in your life, so those things, people, and memories that you choose to hold sacred will be of greater value. Read more…



You may initially relate this word to thoughts of doubt or defeat. However, this week I invite you to consider a new context for this word: unlock an innate reserve of passion and enthusiasm. This week… let go unto yourself.

explore | The willPower Method


Exploration does not suggest warmth, cushion or comfort; however, the result of exploration may yield riches beyond your wildest dreams.

transform | The willPower Method®


You are a product of your own design. Each step you take is uniquely yours… Be innovative, be creative!

precision | The willPower Method®


Accuracy of any sort is goal oriented. If you wish to communicate clearly, you must first know the message you want to share – and then speak with exact intent.

patience 2 | The willPower Method


I’ve recognized that the only potential for my students to LIVE the word of the week, is to believe in it… to take a true inventory of themselves, and chose to meditate and absorb. This week… more patience, please.

patience | The willPower Method


With a calm, audible sigh… we have Patience for two full weeks. Each year, as we marinate in 14 full days of this word… it changes me. I hope you experience the same gift.

peace | The willPower Method


Peace is relinquishing the “fight” inside of us, even during trying and uncomfortable times. As your opponent coercises, you exhale.

change | The willPower Method


Please know, reader, that YOU have this power. Define who you are – and where you want to be. Make the systematic changes to get where you want to go.

depth | The willPower Method®


This week our word is simple, and so is our goal. Go deep. Examine each fiber. Persist in your quest.…

remember | The willPower Method®


Your memories are uniquely yours; your private movie screenings, your lessons to learn from, your knowledge. They make you who you are today. Remember your people, your places and your lessons.

faith | The willPower Method®


Hold faithfulness and sincerity as first principles. – Confucius When was the last time you looked into your own eyes?…

integrity | The willPower Method®


We all slip up sometimes… no one is perfect. But by keeping words and actions in constant check, you will always know what to say, or how you to behave. Consistent behaviour builds the story of your life; painting a picture of your character. Who are you, really?

virtue | The willPower Method


This week we explore the difference between what is right and what is wrong. But, who determines if an act is virtuous? Is this determination made with truth or judgement?