Do you remember the sweat, the deep stretches and the long planks? Using the Word of the Week and seeing recognition in your students eyes? Do you remember that feeling of leaping and landing without a sound – and watching your students giggle during the toe challenges? Do you remember how you felt when a return student told you “I couldn’t walk for 3 days“?


We value the time you took to study, practice and teach The willPower Method®. We also understand that as the fitness industry grows, it sometimes makes sense to venture out and try teaching other methods and disciplines. Maybe you left us for a while.

The willPower Method® is fascinating, fun and interesting to return to – because it’s like “riding a bike” all over again. Your first time out might be shaky, but after that you’ll remember everything you loved about teaching! The choreography, cues and inspiration will flood right back to you!

For our special amnesty period, we’re welcoming you back with open arms… no re-activation fee! All you’ll need to do is set up your monthly wIN payments of $9.99 or prepay for one year at $119.


Have you been away for more than 2 years?  wIN has grown TREMENDOUSLY! It’s full of resources, inspiration, marketing materials, class designs, playlists and pro-discounts! Your wIN license gives you full use of the willPower Method®, so that you can teach at any facility you’d like.  Keeping your wIN profile active also lists you as a licensed instructor on our website, so that students and studio managers can find you and your willPower classes!

Of course, each instructor who reads this email will be in his/her own unique position. We will want to set up a plan that makes sense for your timeline, while still keeping the integrity of what we do. The button below will connect you with our Development Director, Cindy Frary. She will set you up with a realistic plan to start teaching again. This limited offer is available only through Wednesday March 15.



The willPower Method® is the full-body, barefoot conditioning program that athletes need, and the calorie-burning cardiovascular solution that mind-body practitioners have been searching for. It’s the perfect addition to any group exercise schedule… and exactly what your students have been craving.

Welcome back, baby.