Confidence-Building Workouts

Barefoot, functional training movement is the foundation of our program; we help you build a well-connected body from the ground-up. Backed by evidence-based research on Foot Fitness, your body will become better balanced, connected and stable. Supported by current research on “Power Postures”, our signature series teaches you to become more mentally and emotionally focused, confident and resilient.


Meditation Meets Endorphins

Cardio Yoga is where euphoric fitness endorphins mix with yogic philosophy. It’s the perfect practice for fitness fans who “can’t slow down” for yoga – but need it!  Try something radically new: strong, flowing bodyweight movement combined with life-changing philosophy! Your workout experience will be an emotional voyage, guiding you to break through your negative patterns while reaching for your highest potential!


Become an Instructor

We’ve been training instructors since 2004! Our Instructor Training program an online 40-hour self-paced program. Use our workbook to follow along with online lectures and workouts. Learn and integrate our specialized teaching methodology while you practice the flowing and powerful workout. Experience first-hand how our special recipe of MQ+IQ+EQ can elevate you… and your students… into the Next Dimension of Fitness.