As licensed willPower instructor, I will represent the willPower & grace® program with respect and integrity. I will keep my students interested, safe and involved. I agree to stay in communication with the willPower Development team when I need assistance or inspiration.

I understand that willPower & grace®, and the The willPower Method® movement sequences are protected by trademark law.  The willPower Method® grants ONLY licensed Instructors permission to use the willPower® class names and movement sequences.  I understand that I carry my license to teach this program through my continued membership to wIN.

If I discontinue wIN for any length of time, I forfeit my position as a willPower Method® instructor, along with the use of the trademarked names and movement sequences.  I will be required to submit a new evaluation if i wish to reactivate my license.  The fee for associated reactivation is $199, and is subject to approval of the Development team.

I will maintain the integrity of the program, for the reputation and future success of The willPower Method® , it’s trainers, instructors and students. I understand that willPower Productions actively monitors trademark infringement in order to maintain quality control and the highest industry standards.