Get ready for an AMAZING training experience. This page contains everything you need to know!

prior to the workshop

Understand our philosophy. The willPower Method® is a program based on repetition, and layered with interesting, emotional cueing. It might be different than anything you’ve ever taught – and so we want you to understand the high value we place on repetition. Reading this article about the expectations of willPower Method® instructors will put you into our mindset before you begin to train with us. (Prep time: 10 minutes)

Please be familiar with exercises and choreography sequencing before you arrive. Even if you’re accustomed to taking live willPower classes with your favourite instructor, you need to acquaint yourself with the education video that you’ll be using during your internship. Practice the 1-hour workout with us at least THREE times prior to the workshop. This will help you feel more confident when it’s your turn to teach during the workshop. (Prep time: 3 hours)

Get to know the creator of The willPower Method®, Stacey Lei Krauss.  In this podcast, you’ll learn about the history of the program, and how SLK developed our global brand. (Prep time: 1 hour)

pack your bag

Please bring these items to the workshop with you.

  • Some dry clothes so that you are not sitting in wet gear. You’ll have approximately 3 hours of workout time (broken up) throughout the day, so a few changes will keep you comfortable.
  • Pens and highlighters – whatever stuff you need to be a good student.  We’ll provide your manual.
  • If you are attending a 1-day, USA training, our schedule is super-efficient. We’ll have four 15-minute energy breaks throughout the day, but no a formal lunch break.  BRING plenty of snacks, energy bars, and drinks to keep you supercharged all day. You can eat throughout the lectures.

training day

  • Arrive at least 15-minutes early. You’ll need time to sign-in. Expect to check in at the front desk with a photo ID and sign a guest waiver.
  • Arrive dressed to exercise.
  • Reminder: willPower & grace® is a barefoot class! A decent pedicure will help you to feel confident with your bare feet (if you like that sort of thing).
  • CEC’s and a Certificate of Attendance will be provided, on-site, to students who complete the entire one-day workshop.
  • Reminder: bring plenty of snacks and drinks to keep you fueled for a full day.

more info

  • You’ll receive a Certificate of Completion, additional CECs and your Official Instructor status after passing your evaluation.
  • Your evaluation must be completed within your internship (90 days of your Phase I workshop), in order to continue using The willPower Method® and willPower & grace® trademark, and teach the willPower sequences.
  • There are no club license fees for this program, however, your wIN membership fee will be assessed at $9.99/month, once you are an Official Instructor. wIN membership is your license to teach willPower & grace® at any club/studio that you wish, without additional fees.


GEt prepped for your training





*subject to changes and will vary based on 1-day or 2-day formatting

15 Minute Energy Break*** : We respect your time and your money. This is why we don’t want to waste our time together taking long lunch breaks. Each 15 minute break will allow you to grab some fresh air, check your cell phone and hit the bathroom! We encourage you to eat snacks and hydrate throughout the day as you sit in lecture and practice choreography with us. We’ll encourage you to take good care of yourself (stand up, stretch etc.) whenever you need to – but lets get through the content in a timely, efficient manner… cool with you?

Program Fundamentals and History
One-Hour Master Class
15 Minute Energy Break***
First Impressions, The willPower Coaching Cupcake
Why Barefoot?
Choreography Segments and Class Formatting
15 Minute Energy Break***
willPower Choreography (set one)
15 Minute Energy Break***
Multi-Level Coaching
PreClass Preparation and Management
willPower Choreography (set two)
15 Minute Energy Break***
willPower Choreography: Flow and Transitions
So You Want to be a Superstar?
Getting Started, More to Read, Troubleshooting
Growing with The willPower Method®
The Parking Lot, Class Photo, Certificates