Congratulations! You’ve taken the next step of instructor progression with The willPower Method®. We want this training to be an incredible experience for you. Please come prepared, so that you can extract all the goodness!

Prior to training day

The Phase II Workshop is the essence of The willPower Method®It is much more interactive than Phase I. We will encourage you to use your critical thinking skills, consider your clients, integrate your personality and proactively work with the other instructors.  Please schedule at least 3 hours of study and preparation time prior to your training day. This preparation time will protect your investment of time and money, ensuring that you get the most from your workshop.

  • Print and review your Phase I evaluation, and bring it with you. Highlight any areas of concern or discrepancy, and be prepared to work through them and ask questions.
  • Review your Phase I manual. 
  • Review the names of all exercises.
  • If you are not familiar with wIN, it’s time to get acquainted with your resources. Before arriving at the Phase II workshop, schedule *at least* one hour to surf through “EXPLORE WORKOUTS”, “EXPLORE CATEGORIES” and “EXPLORE TAGS”. Be sure to read through the MANUAL UPDATES section, and make any necessary notes in your Phase I manual.
  • This is also a great time to update your profile and teaching locations.
  • Once you’ve spent some time reviewing, you’re bound to have questions about wIN and The willPower Method® in general. Create a list of all questions you have; exercises, sequences, modifications etc., so that this day is extra-valuable to you and your students.
  • Practice the EDU workout at least once before the workshop. After all this time, you might be reminded of some things! Have you misplaced your DVD? No worries. The workout is right here in wIN. Kick off your shoes and get ready to sweat!


Please bring these items to the workshop with you.

  • Your printed Phase I evaluation. (For your eyes only)
  • Your Phase I manual
  • Your list of questions, concerns, oberservations
  • Pens and highlighters – whatever stuff you need to be a good student.  We’ll provide your manual.
  • Some fresh workout gear and some dry clothes so that you’re warm and comfortable.
  • If you are attending a 1-day, USA training, our schedule is super-efficient. We’ll have four 15-minute energy breaks throughout the day, but no a formal lunch break.  BRING plenty of snacks, energy bars, and drinks to keep you supercharged all day. You can eat throughout the lectures.


  • Arrive at least 15-minutes early. You’ll need time to sign-in. Expect to check in at the front desk with a photo ID and sign a guest waiver.
  • Arrive dressed to work out.
  • Reminder: bring plenty of snacks and drinks to keep you fueled for a full day.


  • CEC’s, and Certificate of Attendance will be provided on-site to instructors who complete the entire workshop.
  • Once you’ve attended the Phase II workshop, your status in wIN will shift to Phase II Intern, and will remain here until you pass your Phase II evaluation.
  • You’ll receive a Certificate of Completion, additional CECs and your Official Instructor status after passing your Phase II evaluation.
  • Your evaluation must be completed within your internship (90 days of your Phase II workshop), in order to upgrade your wIN access and to be recognised as a Phase II instructor.

Course agenda

This agenda is subject to change, and will vary: 1-day  vs. 2- day or 3-day course.
Agreement of Integrity
The willPower Coaching Cupcake
What is: The willPower Method®
The Parking Lot (Your Questions)
Energy Break***
2 hour Technical Cleanup Workout (Instructors only / no club members)
Energy Break***
Foot Fitness and Common Foot Injuries
Sole Training®
Energy Break***
Foot Fitness Integration: NASAD
Class Segments and Class Design
Energy Break***
Level 2 Choreography: Seasonal Challenges
Uniformity within the Methodology: Why BLACK
Energy Break***
Individuality within Uniformity
TVOPAV: Sensory Integration
Energy Break***
willPower Philosophy
Phase II willPower & grace® masterclass
Energy Break***
Growing with The willPower Method®
The Parking Lot, Class Photo, Certificates