RISK 2017

Seven Steps to…RISK

Is the purpose of our lives to read about adventure or to live adventure? To hide in the symbolic closets of our existence? Or, to experience joy, light, and love? This week, we elicit our word of willPower to figure out how best to maneuver ourselves in the direction of that which we wish to experience.


Seven Steps to…CLARITY

When you’re lacking CLARITY on a situation, a relationship, or a decision, life can be downright frustrating. You feel like life has left you in-hiatus and somehow stuck. So, this week’s Seven Steps are designed to help you get “unstuck” and bring the willPower-ful virtue of CLARITY into your life.

Balance 2016

The two sides of BALANCE

How balanced are the areas of your life that matter to you the most? How much are your liabilities driving your behavior and influencing (or interfering with…) your balance? What would a balanced day, life, or “you” look like?