In 2017, don’t you think you deserve something a little different? Grab a fitness instructor friend and your favorite student. Come to Colorado and learn what being Fully Inspired is all about.

whY: Feed your need to geek out: science and research updates, lectures and workshops

whY: A bucketload of NASM, ACE, AFAA cec’s from world-class presenters

whY: Inspiring studio workouts, with mirrors! Move, flow, sweat!

whY: Meet your feet on a mountainside! Feel the earth, breath fresh air and experience altitude

whY: Meditation and quiet space, plus time for you to connect with old friends, and make new ones

whY: Transportation from Denver International Airport is now easier than ever with a $9 train direct to the city!

whY: A brand NEW hotel at a great room rate! In the heart of Denver, walking distance to  restaurants and shopping.

whY: Do you like field trips?  Us too! Plan to load into a bus and head into the freshest air in the USA!

whY: Experience holistic living at it’s best: INSPYRE your senses with aromatherapy and natual healing herbs.  Cannabis is legal in Colorado, and if you’d like to learn more about it, you’ll have the opportunity to explore it.

whY: Surprises everywhere… this is not your typical fitness conference! willPower Method® instructors will LOVE the inspiration, instructors from other disciplines will be blown away by the detail-oriented approach to a 4-day event. Fitness enthusiasts will be amazed by a flood of education, wellness-lifestyle and incredible, high-level approach to workouts.

save the date! more information including pricing soon!