integrity | The willPower Method®


We all slip up sometimes… no one is perfect. But by keeping words and actions in constant check, you will always know what to say, or how you to behave. Consistent behaviour builds the story of your life; painting a picture of your character. Who are you, really?

virtue | The willPower Method


This week we explore the difference between what is right and what is wrong. But, who determines if an act is virtuous? Is this determination made with truth or judgement?

dignity | The willPower Method®


Dignity is listening to your moral compass, your golden rule, your inner voice. Remember, if you’re comfortable with your personal choices, it is always possible to move with dignity, even if those around you disagree with you.

vision | The willPower Method®


Have a vision of the person you want to be! Olympian heroes would not be, without tenacious belief in their own passion, physical strength and mental focus.

power | The willPower Method®


Your Power is in the reality that you create. Mentally, physically and soulfully. Your Power is in your intention.

commitment | The willPower Method®


The only TRUE commitment is within yourself; in your heart and your mind. The commitment to be ccompletely honest and committed to another person… cannot be entirely solidified with a piece of paper – or a vow in the presence of friends and family.

Believe 2017

Seven Steps to…BELIEVE

Your reserve of willPower is dictated by what you BELIEVE. Change your beliefs, change your world. It’s that simple….and also, that difficult. Limiting beliefs are the precursor to your reality. Practice this week’s Seven Steps to expand beyond them.

believe | The willPower Method®


Do you believe that you can create your own reality; with everyone and everything in it? Do you have absolute…

respect | The willPower Method®


When you respect yourself, you become an unlimited being, with unlimited potential.

Freedom | The willPower Method®


Believe that there are no obstacles in freedom, just an abundance of opportunities to grow your soul.

reach | The willPower Method®


If what you truly want is just beyond your grasp… then reach for more.

Surprise 2017

Seven Steps to…SURPRISE

Surprises give meaning to our life and consequences to our thoughts, beliefs, decisions, and actions. From a willPower standpoint, we seek to roll with them, harness them, bless them, and, occasionally, simply survive them! This week’s Seven Steps show you how.

surprise | The willPower Method®


Each day is packed full of surprises, if you look for them.