emotion | The willPower Method


What happens when your emotions arise from seemingly nowhere? Are you meant to surrender to them…?

accept | The willPower Method


Do you remember accepting That Great Moment, thinking: “Things can’t possibly get better than this!”

purpose _ The willPower Method


To truly evolve, find purpose in all that you do – in each situation that you bring yourself to.

determination _ The willPower Method


Determination is a magical element which illuminates life…

Windmill Arms | Week 3 | The willPower Method®


Sometimes the inertia of habitual life can pull you away from from your new path. Take this opportunity to quietly renew your vows to yourself.

truth | The willPower Method®


When you tell the truth, then your actions need to be pure too. It’s a lot of work, living an honest life.

focus 2017

Seven Steps to…FOCUS

This week, your willPower assignment is to hold an unwavering FOCUS on that which you wish to manifest this year. What do you want (or need…) to construct, destruct, and restructure? How do you want to feel on December 31, 2017 as you look back on this year? Close your eyes and see yourself there…

focus | The willPower Method®


Be proactive for this one life that you have been given. Dedicate yourself to a cause.

savor | The willPower Method®


In the last few days of this year, seize The Power of Now. Enjoy every morsel you put into your mouth… revel in the few extra minutes you lounge in your bed.

prepare | The willPower Method


Preparation is not a magical or emotional term – rather, it is responsibility for yourself, a strong cornerstone; or a springboard, to all of your future; your hope, need, desire.

grace | The willPower Method copy


I have said for years “Grace is how you land on your feet” – and it’s true. Grace is reflected in your actions, in each and every step you take in your journey. Grace is defined as moral strength.